How do you react when.......

when a girl you like tells you something you don't care about. like if she texts you and its just the stupidest thing ever.

should I just turn it into a joke or respond seriously or just ignore it?


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  • If she's serious you need to be serious , People don't want to joke when they're serious.


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  • If she really thought it was funny, the she's just trying to make you laugh by sharing it with you! However, you seem a little annoyed. If you really like her, you wouldn't get annoyed over something so little as a dumb text. Be interested in what she had to say and converse with her... chances are she'll like you better for laughing at her jokes :)

  • just be like "you're weird lol juust kidding" or something like that so she can kinda get the hint you don't think its funny but yet your still kinda joking with her.

  • Don`t ignore it but if it`s something silly make it a joke but be careful what you say girls can be extremely sensitive at times but we get over it eventually

  • what did she say ?

    • she was like omg you probably won't even think its funny but watch this video on my friends Facebook wall its so funny blah blah blah blah tell me if you think its funny

    • lol um ..ok lol she just probably enjoyed it and thought you would of enjoyed it to lol

    • yah it was cute

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