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What's your weird turn-on?

What turns you on when you're with your significant other? What gets you aroused? What just drives you insane? Just a curious question~

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  • The goth look gets me. A while back I bought a TV and the girl helping me had it going on, multiple ear pricings, black hair on top and underneath it was dark blue, necklace with a pentagram (I was wearing one as well). A few days later came back to pick it up and as I walk in she spotted me and walked right up to, I froze.

What Guys Said 6

  • When a girl stands with her hands on her hips, especially when she has a habit of standing that way all the time. The longer she stands like that, the more turned on I get.

  • when a girl wears filp-flops... I'm not sure weather it's weird or not but it's the truth >__>

  • This is an odd one, someone who's injured and wearing bandages over their injuries, its odd I'll admit but... I like it, oh and eye patches. Love them

  • Noticeably unnatural hair colors... Yeah I don't get it either.

  • link Big poofy dresses.

What Girls Said 4

  • Nice hands with a silver ring.. and dark eyes (it's not that weird though)

  • Being from the country, a man dressed in a hat, button up shirt, tight jeans ( they don't have to be cut in half tight) boots with a well groomed beard driving a lifted up truck. That's one of my biggest turn ons but I can't tell the other.

    • tell the other one!...plz


    • Lol gosh y'all little pervs jk I like to let the imagination work ;)

  • when my boyfriend sings ^-^

  • I'm old fashioned it's all about the nipples.

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