Am I gonna live for 108 years?

108 because I was born on 1993 so I'll have to live 108 years to see this whole century. M fit as you can see in my fb cover-pic but grandfather just had heart-attack, nanny is diabetic

I am not alcoholic neither I am a smoker.

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  • The way I see it, by the time you're an old man, the earth will be overpopulated and essential resources needed for survival will be scarce to the point that people will kill each other for survival, and the rest will starve. It's what happens in overpopulated rat cages in scientific population studies, and it will happen to human kind. Sadly, the handicapped and the elderly with limited mobility will be the first to go. So no, you most likely won't and neither will I.

    • well hats off your assumption ... best answer so far!

    • Thanks for BA. However the positive alternative to my answer is if humanity can build housing in space or colonize other planets and harbor life on them. The human population may balance out on earth, meaning nobody will kill each other for resources after all. And maybe we may reach past our centennial year.