Can Obama really Bypass Congress on Gun control?

Can Obama really take away everyones right to own a Gun in America even without Congresses Approval?


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  • it can be part of his agenda, or he can sign an executive order but seing as an outright ban is unconstitutional I doubt it.

    he'd have to pass a constitutional ammendment and I thnk to do that 2 separately elected legislatures would have to pass it. might be wrong on that though

    more likely, he will use congress to pass small restrictions on gun ownership, which is constitutional and fine by me. its called incramental policy making, you make small changes, little by little based on comprimise.

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  • It's unconstitutional. So if he does, it won't last.

  • it is a part of our Constitution. While I am for banning, I also believe it should be done the right way with full transparency. Having said that, I don't think it will ever be a full ban. I'll settle with a reinstating the semiautomatic weapons ban and restrictions on gun shows and dealers. We have more gun dealers in this country than McDonald's.

    • Also, we have more people dying of obesity related illness and mistakes by doctors than we do by firearms.

    • Ok don't go all Alex Jones on us

  • I have no idea, but I wish that America would get around to instating some proper gun control. What is so special and infallible about the constitution, meaning that it shouldn't be amenable to changing social standards, as is the case with the law? Casual gun ownership is illegal in Europe, and whichever way you dress it up, that IS the reason why we don't have endless school shootings and similar incidents filling up the news headlines. No-one will contest that the majority of people are able to take a sensible and responsible approach to gun ownership, but there will always be a minority of people in any given society for whom easy access to guns is likely to bring about horrible consequences.

    Most of the arguments in support of common gun ownership which I have heard centre around personal protection - to me and most Europeans this seems ridiculous. What're you protecting yourself from? Other people with guns?

  • sure, if he put his mind to it. He is a punk bizznatch and so is congress, so who knows. but us smart people don't believe he would ever do that.

  • sure he can do what he wants, meanwhile the smart people will prep and stock up...

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  • He can try, as a symbolic gesture. It can be challenged and overturned by the Supreme Court.

    • right but the supreme court won't turn it down we all know that. We had the law before and nothing happened it most likely saved more lives.

    • It didn't save any lives. The FBI UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) show that rifles were used in 3% of violent crime before, during, and after the previous ban. It's effects were scientifically negligible. Not only was it ineffective, but it was never the issue in the first place. And given the makeup of the Court, a 5-4 ruling to overturn is entirely realistic, depending on what actually happens. We just have to wait and see.

  • Yes he can the founding fathers gave him that right in in the event that the legislative branch turned on the executive branch. It the 14th amendment that allows the president to overrule the congress not in taking away guns but making sure that military style weapons do not fall in the hands of non-military civilians. .

  • Is there some clause in the executive powers that would allow this to happen? Highly unlikely.

  • If it keeps inocent kids from getting hurt then I'm all for it, no offense to you gun enthusiests but even for those people that hunt even you know that you can't hunt with a semi or full automatic gun, in otherwords the only people who should have it are people who are the the military or the policemen who keep us safe. as for regular non automatic guns it gives us a chance to tackle them, my heart and prayers go out to those kids and those teachers who saved all thier kids lives by scrificing themselves, I have family who are teachers and I know they would have done the same thing to protect those for having someone at school with a gun to protect the kids that's just stupid and costly, you can't fight guns with guns because then more blood will be shed, PROTECT OUR KIDS AND OUR COMUNITY! not the idiots with machine guns who think they actually have a purpose for them because they dont... but hey that's just my two cents.

  • Lol @ "unconstitutional." Like our Government already doesn't take enough Taco Bell induced sh*ts on the amendments as it is.

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