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Isn't it true that people who hate feet do so bec they themselves have nasty feet?

Isn't it true that people who hate feet do so because they themselves have nasty feet? Any body here who has nasty and dirty and cracked feet who... Show More

I need to catch up. I am pleasantly overwhelmed by the number and quality of comments. Thank you all for taking the time.

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  • My boyfriend is in love with my feet and he said he always wanted a girl with cute feet. His feet aren't nasty or dirty. They're actually the softest feet I have ever seen and the cleanest. He was taught to take amazing care of them. But they are a bit weird (his words) because the toes are a tiny bit twisted but I don't really notice...but they are also really big. He hates his own feet.

    Personally I hated feet before I met him. I always thought they were dirty and ugg. He knew a lot about anatomy in general and about feet so he showed my why my feet were good feet genetically and before I thought my feet were really weird now I realized they were really healthy. I take really good care of my feet but I used to hate people touching mine and touching others. Now I'm okay with touching his and he touching mine. Foot massages are my new favorite. lol

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  • I don't like others' feet but adore my feet.

    Seriously, I treat them like babies.

    I use scrubs and soak them in bubbled water.

    I genuinely take care of them.

    I make sure they're soft and smooth to the touch but can't stand other people's feet.

    I don't know why.

    My ex loved my feet and said they were cute, I don't know if I agree on that. I just like them because they're mine and they're clean and soft.

    I think people don't like feet because people can have really nasty feet and it takes just one bad pair to ruin all of them for you


  • No, I don't. I'm not too keen on touching other people's feet, but I have no problem with mine. I just think other people's feet are nasty because they are in shoes and socks and slippers all day and they get sweaty. Yes, mine as well but...that's mine, so that doesn't bother me as much.

  • I don't think so. I have no problem with feet but I can understand why some people don't like feet. It also makes sense that some people might have really well cared for feet and thus making them extra conscious about other peoples feet.

  • Not necessarily. I'm sure for some people, but most people don't seem to like feet even people who have normal feet themselves.

    • Agreed.

  • i have small cute feet and idc about others lol never thought of it I guess. I do like that pple take care of their feet but idk, I just don't care

  • I don't think that's true at all. Just because a person cares for their own feet, that doesn't mean they are automatically going to find other people's feet attractive. In general,I don't love feet nor do I find them repulsive. But how comfortable I feel about someone else's feet is going to depend on THEIR feet, not on mine.

    • Your last statement is true; but I was not suggesting otherwise.

    • I thought that was kind of the whole point of your question?

  • Ive never known anyone who hated feet, at least they didn't tell me. I don't like other peoples feet that much, I like my own feet: clean, cute. The thing I don't like about other peoples feet is gangrened toe nails and callouses *hurl, dried skin, so not big on looking at other peoples feet unless they are cute.

  • I really don't like feet. Men's feet are also bigger and hairier... They don't look so cute in sandals. I hate the bone structure of my feet, but they're not gross or big at all. I just don't like the shape of them and wear closed shoes most of the time even though people think I'm crazy for not liking them.

  • In my experiences it has been true, but I'm sure not everyone who hates them has nasty feet. Some people feel as if it is the dirtiest part of the body. My boyfriend is like that an it is really annoying. He doesn't like people looking at them, he won't touch them, and he doesn't like people touching his. It is one thing not to like them, but he is too extreme about it. I have ugly feet so I don't always like people looking and touching them, but if they look well grooms after a pedicure then I am fine with it.

  • I hate feet because my best friend always has sweaty feet and she always tries to put them on my lap or on a table and it is positively disgusting she also always has dirt under her toe nails and her feet are really big too and she is always shoving them in my face to annoy me and I just hate it! As for my own I keep them clean and my toenails painted but I don't really pay much attention to them I'm just glad I have them haha

  • I'm not too bothered.. I don't really think about my own feet, unless they hurt, I moisturize them to stop them from cracking, but no, I don't really thinks so xx

  • Nope, I hate feet but I think mine are cute, I just hate when they touch me or if someone takes off their shoes or socks close to me. Its pretty gross. Its not even about the smell or looks, its just that they are near me I guess its weird.

  • I have no preference for feet either way. Feet are feet. As long as they aren't so bad that they rip up my sheets we are fine.

  • Could be. I know I absolutely hate my feet. I try hard to take care of them, and I go for pedicures often. However, I work in a factory and I have to wear steel toes. I am on my feet eight hours a day. So the bottoms no matter what I do are still hard at the bottom. I really hope I never meet a guy with a foot fetish, because he will run out the door as soon as he sees them. I'm planning on buying a water foot massager soon. I heard those help.

  • No, I don't think it is true, I like my own feet and usually wear nail polish to make them pretty.

    I'm not keen on men's feet as they are usually hairy and have weirdly long toes.

    If I saw someone's disgustingly cracked, dirty, bunion feet standing beside me I would probably vomit! Even the TV ad for dry cracked heels makes me heave...

    • Exactly ! I react that way too.

  • My feet look scabies ridden but I have never, ever concerned my self with my own feet or anyone else's! Haha.. For the most part mine remain in socks and shoes- to everyone's relief as well..

  • Could be

  • I am neutral about feet and my feet aren't ugly or pretty... life is too short to care about your feet!

  • I have awesome feet and I don't have a feet fetish

  • Hahaha I read this question as "Isn't it true that people who feel hate do so because they themselves have nasty feet?" I was like whaaat? But I don't know the answer.

  • No its not

  • Guys tell me that I have cute/beautiful feet (I don't get pedicures or anything they're just naturally pretty) but I don't like feet. I don't think feet are ugly (unless there's so real serious issues there), but at the same time I do not want to ever smell them and suck on toes.

  • Most people I know who hate feet take care of their own feet really well.

    ... or is this a foot fetish question in disguise?

    If that's the case ... "Oh yeah, I know all of these men who have gnarled, dirty feet from working hard all day in sweaty socks steel toed boots who love to lavish a woman's soft, sensual feet with edible lotions that he then licks off..."

    • you should be a writer +1

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    • :D

    • I like a women to have dirty sweaty feet from working all day then smell them lol

  • Is it just me, or do Asians have better looking feet? Must be from taking off their shoes at home? Actually that makes no sense...

  • I don't like my feet. The bone structure and shape isn't perfect. I don't really like feet, but I will acknowledge if someone has clean, nicely formed feet. Definitely not going to stare at them though.

  • I HATE FEET! especially guy feet !

What Guys Said 7

  • i don't care for feet but I can think they are cute and I am not afraid of touching them. My feet are healthy and fine. if someone had nasty feet then yeah I wouldn't like theirs?

  • from my experience - it's true.

  • not true in my case - I hate feet (esp can't stand seeing toes) but my feet are not gross at all.

  • my ex hated feet. especially hers. but she had perfectly fine feet

  • I don't have a foot fetish, no. My feet aren't great though (I've got a few foot problems), but at the same time, I don't really hate feet. I just don't get turned on by them alone.

    I mean, hey. I don't exactly have the nicest ass. In fact, I really dislike my own ass. But I'm all up for a girl's tight bottom, haha!

  • Well, feet in general are nasty because people walk with them and they tend to touch filthy places. And yes, they do get callouses and such it's just not a very appealing feature. Mine are... not horrible. But in general you could say I dislike feet.

    That said, if a girl takes great care of her feet and they don't resemble that of shoeless hippy who walked across the country and back, I find it appealing. It does add to her image in a big way. I can come up with ridiculous explanations as to why that is, but I'll leave it at that.

  • No, it's just that some people find feet sexy, and some people (the majority of people) don't.

    There's no relationship to the state of their own feet.

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