Isn't it true that people who hate feet do so bec they themselves have nasty feet?

Isn't it true that people who hate feet do so because they themselves have nasty feet? Any body here who has nasty and dirty and cracked feet who loves other women'd feet? On the contrary, anyone here who spends a lot of time caring about her feet but finds others' feet repulsive or nasty?

I need to catch up. I am pleasantly overwhelmed by the number and quality of comments. Thank you all for taking the time.


Most Helpful Girl

  • My boyfriend is in love with my feet and he said he always wanted a girl with cute feet. His feet aren't nasty or dirty. They're actually the softest feet I have ever seen and the cleanest. He was taught to take amazing care of them. But they are a bit weird (his words) because the toes are a tiny bit twisted but I don't really notice...but they are also really big. He hates his own feet.

    Personally I hated feet before I met him. I always thought they were dirty and ugg. He knew a lot about anatomy in general and about feet so he showed my why my feet were good feet genetically and before I thought my feet were really weird now I realized they were really healthy. I take really good care of my feet but I used to hate people touching mine and touching others. Now I'm okay with touching his and he touching mine. Foot massages are my new favorite. lol