Did she want a kiss??.

Well let me tell the story me and my friend went this really nice movie theater . So I got her 3 flowers a pink rose a peach one and a purple one and I got her favorite candy for her . I open the car door for her and everything . When we got to her apartment we were talking in mt car when it was time to go she wanted me to get out the car and give her a hug when we usually hug in the car . When we hugged she gave me a kiss on the cheek . She wanted to kiss I think so but she is always saying lets be friends , also any suggestions on how to recover from that lol

I am bad at this stuff lol


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  • If she asked you to get out of the car and kissed your cheek she was most likely hoping from their you'd move to her mouth...MOST LIKELY. When you are friends it can get pretty sticky and you certainly don't want to make things awkward. If you really don't know if she wants a kiss and you want to find out in a no pressure way try like playing a questions game in the middle of the date next time. Be like "Let's play 20 questions" and start with innocent questions like "If you are an animal what would you be." Then when it's clear that you both are having trouble coming up with questions be like "Well I can't come up with a good question so I'm just going to ask a stupid one...what would you do if I kissed you right now?" and see what she says. If she doesn't want you to kiss her she'll say so but it won't be so weird that it can't be laughed off.

    • I like that! I so would like to this try game next time. hahaha

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  • if a girl says she jut wants to be friends, then let it be that way. don't pressure her because it is so annoying when guys do that. I can tell you really like her, but let her deal with it. don't wait on a girl to like you my friend, because I am pretty sure there are plenty of other girls that like you, and want to kiss you:) she's not the right girl for you to date, because you are friend zoned. Let her go, and from now on let the girl find you:)

    good luck baby. xoxo

    • Well appreciate it the advice but let me tell you this we did oral a few times like in sept but we backed away

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    • Lmao you are funny but real like I invited her over for dinner and to be honest I told my self starting tomm I'm just going to fall back

    • since you're a guy and you like getting your diiiiiick sucked, go ahead. & get you some p****yy (; hehe

  • Well I'm wondering why WHY is she going on dates with you if she only sees you as a friend? She's messing with your head and might just want someone available to like her when times get lonely. Maybe you should either back off pr actually kiss her and see how she reacts! The second one will get you an honest answer fast but it may wreck your friendhip. Altho WHY would you wanna be friends with a girl you have a crush on anyway?!

  • Yes you should! Why else would should want you to get out of the car. Giving her flowers already took it out of the friend zone; she probably noticed.

  • um if someone kisses you on the cheek it might be a lets be friends thing, if she SAYS that then its definitely a lets be friends thing. She'll tell you if that changes. You got flowers for your friend? did she say a lets be friends thing BEFORE that date? Lets be friends means lets be friends. Sorry for being harsh but I think it means what it means, for whatever reason she just wants to be friends.

  • if she likes you, kiss her. she will love it.

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  • It all depends on WHEN she said she just wanted to be friends. The flowers on a movie date is a bit over the top for a Friends Night Out. SO if she told you before the flowers, you are lucky to get the kiss on the check.. if she told you after the flowers, then you did the right thing to NOT make a move.

    That does not mean you can't win her over, but keep it polite, respectful and within the boundaries she seems to have established; whatever they are.

    Good Luck,


  • Let me tell you what you shouldn't do. Do not be in no mans land, and fall in love with her til (I'm guessing you are in high school or university) you part ways. You are throwing time away. Make a move or simply forget about her. If she really sees you that way, she will have to do something about it.

  • I don't know... girls are extremely complicated. I never know what they want. I honestly don't think they do either. What I'm slowly learning is to just do whatever and see where it goes. It's a hit or miss.

  • Next time just kiss her and see what happens.

  • Your question is misleading. When did she say she wanted to be friends, before or after the kiss?

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