Did she want a kiss??.

Well let me tell the story me and my friend went this really nice movie theater . So I got her 3 flowers a pink rose a peach one and a purple one and I got her favorite candy for her . I open the car door for her and everything . When we got to her apartment we were talking in mt car when it was time to go she wanted me to get out the car and give her a hug when we usually hug in the car . When we hugged she gave me a kiss on the cheek . She wanted to kiss I think so but she is always saying lets be friends , also any suggestions on how to recover from that lol

I am bad at this stuff lol


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  • If she asked you to get out of the car and kissed your cheek she was most likely hoping from their you'd move to her mouth...MOST LIKELY. When you are friends it can get pretty sticky and you certainly don't want to make things awkward. If you really don't know if she wants a kiss and you want to find out in a no pressure way try like playing a questions game in the middle of the date next time. Be like "Let's play 20 questions" and start with innocent questions like "If you are an animal what would you be." Then when it's clear that you both are having trouble coming up with questions be like "Well I can't come up with a good question so I'm just going to ask a stupid one...what would you do if I kissed you right now?" and see what she says. If she doesn't want you to kiss her she'll say so but it won't be so weird that it can't be laughed off.

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      I like that! I so would like to this try game next time. hahaha