What's the best way to forget about a humiliating high school experience?

I was constantly bullied in middle school and high school... I was overweight and everyone took that as an open invitation to humiliate me. I'm 19 and still can't get over it all. I had to switch to a virtual school to get my diploma because I couldn't stay at my high school. I actually had a guy say to me one time, "don't break the desk" not to mention the times I had guys throw food at me.I don't see any of those people anymore but it still sticks with me. What are some ways to try to get over it?


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  • Perhaps you need to re-evaluate what you went through and see it for what it was. You endured and survived one of the worst experiences a person could have. Every single person who picked on you was a sick & cowardly sheep. They are the complete sh*t of society and in my opinion quite abnormal. They did it to fit in and were weak and living on a mountain of insecurities. You find it hard to get over that past? Why? Truth be told it was not your fault and believe it or not but they too go through something similar as to what you claim your going through in your question. No one can live with a 'despicable' themselves. Everyday, each one of those perps who 'picked' on you lies to themselves and throws more things under a carpet just to get by. They do it to survive, cause their true selves are too weak and full of shame and they can't face up to that.

    You managed and survived through. You have seen the nastiest side of our society and you have not become one of them. You can admit and attest to the fact that it exists. You have already won and are a hero. You have already done more than what 99% would accomplish in their lifetime.

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      Thanks for BA. If weight loss is still an issue for you then (if you have netflix), I recommend you watch the movie "Fat, Sick and nearly Dead". The movie is quite inspiring and my friend who I had recommended thsii to earlier lost roughly 30 ibs in 5 weeks. Also, if you do choose to do it please be responsible (not over do it) and consul your doctor.

      If you need recepies for it, I can email you two pdf books I have. (Note: Don't send me via a real email id as I won't be sending you the info with