I'm having a hard time getting to sleep, I need a bedtime ritual?

Give me ideas. Tea and a book? Yoga? Just washing my face and meditating? What do you do?

Ok I meant non illegal ways to relax.
Well I tried just relaxing with some sleepytime tea. Seems by the time I had my skin routine done after that I was almost out like a light. It was wonderful. Thanks for all the suggestions.


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  • From what I have read, heard or seen on documentaries here are some ways of helping yourself to fall asleep.

    I warm relaxing bath: The reason is not that the warmth makes you sleepy, it's the sudden change in temperature after the bath that will create that feeling of sleepiness.

    A warm-ish glass of milk with a spoon of honey (the honey bit is weird for me because it's sugar).

    A book can help, it is not meant to be the same as a screen because the rays of the computer or TV screen harass your brain and you will need a little more focus to follow the movie you are watching. In addition, complete darkness might increase your chances of falling asleep.

    Meditation, I have tried it once, it was interesting because I was in a lethargic state but didn't fall asleep although the couple of hours spent meditating gave me back a little energy.

    The best solution, is to try the thing that works best for you, and before trying to add something to your routine, find out what is the problem in the current one. There could be a thing you even a few hours before bedtime that makes it harder for you to fall asleep later.

    I hope it helps. ^^.

    PS: Masturbation would be fun, but would most likely not work, it's very different between men and women, you can orgasm a few times, we can go to bed real quick after.. from my pov you win. lol

    • I am actually mad at the negative rating.. it was still a serious answer and for me what worked was to have a warm bath/shower before bedtime, turn off the screen of the laptop but leave a movie on (just audio). I am happy that the tea solution worked for you (hopefully on long term) one night is not a success if it doesn't last. But honestly wth is wrong with my answer !?

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  • Keep a travel book next to the bed. Read a few pages or just look at the pictures.

    Yoga or stretching in the evening is a good idea; then settle in with tea and your travel pictures. If you have a cat, talk to the cat and have it settle in next to you.

    • UPDATE;; the cat is more relaxing than the tea..

  • I read, usually until I fall asleep, which is supposedly a bad habit... sometimes I'll do crossword puzzles or something like that.

    I used to play music, but the headphones were never comfortable, and I felt I was wasting power or battery life by accidentally leaving something on for those 6 hours.

    I go over my day, maybe pray, and go over the next days schedule.

  • I prop up on a pillow and read before bed. Sometimes I study flashcards because I learn faster by studying in the morning and at night.

  • I have a shower (refreshes me apart from cleansing) and drink a glass of warm water (no carbs like milk but the same effect - gets you to sleep faster by diverting blood flow to the intestines making your head drowsy).

    Reading or watching tele or radio / music etc can become an addiction apart from disturbing in your sleep w/o you knowing it while It's on :)

  • I sense that you are looking for a pattern that you can find some comfort in. SO lean into what you like most, it is what you will do the longest and it takes 30 days to establish a pattern that will last and only missing one night to break the habit.

    I watch TV and take care of emails for the following day, so I can sleep in if the mood hits me. But what puts me out is sex.. but that is a guy thing.

    Good Luck,


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  • I don't really have a ritual, but I typically read a little bit because it can make my eyes get tired, but that doesn't always work because sometimes I just don't want to put the book down. I take a shower as well, which makes me feel so more relaxed and clean. During winter, I might add a cup of hot chocolate or some hot tea (caffeine or no caffeine because caffeine doesn't really ever have an effect on me . . .) It all depends on what makes you relax. Sometimes, I listen to a playlist on my iPod that has soft, slow music on it and put it on low and then set my iPod to fall asleep after a few minutes and that can help. I guess you'll find what works for you best.

  • Something warm to drink and reading a book makes me sleepy. I usually hang out online, but that tends to keep me up instead :P

  • I hide under my covers and wait for the sounds in my house to die down

    (my house is always creaking---I swear it's wearing on my sanity)

    I think washing your face and applying a moisturizing cream :) and putting on aloe socks after soaking your feet

    It's like a mini spa day :)

    get a nice leather bound diary diary and scribble in it then tuck it away by your bedside table or wherever :D doesn't matter

    and that seems like a very peaceful night

  • Smoke a few bowls.

  • My roommie reads a book for about 20 minutes before falling asleep and before doing that she stretches, since she's a dancer

    I've gotten into the habit of drinking chamomile tea because it knocks me right out.

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