How long do rebounds generally last on average?

just would like ppl's own encounters with rebounds whether friends or your own. I know everyone is different and it probably won't apply to my situation as a individual but you never know a average would help.

  • Vote A Few weeks
  • Vote B 2-6 months
  • Vote C 6 months to a year
  • Vote D A year plus
  • Vote E They generally work out
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this is good so far keep it coming


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  • I want to comment on someone who said that you are always a rebound because we all had someone before. I disagree. Let's say I broke up with my partner and I feel like I horribly miss him/her and want him/her back, but I can't have it and it torments me like hell. And, all of a sudden, someone appears in my life who is attracted to me and wants to give lost of attention/affection to me - the VERY attention that I CRAVE SO MUCH FROM SOMEONE I CAN'T HAVE ANY MORE, right? I get involved with the new guy/girl - but it's really because I feel so lonely without that other guy/girl that I am still missing...- this is a rebound. It's like a mild version of cheating, really..(.It's better to have a rebound hook-up than a rebound relationship, then - it would have less hurts) So, it's not a really "honest" realtionship...But let's say, if I broke up with my partner, and grieve and cry and miss for about 6 months or more...and then, I eventually end up feeling like I don't care anymore if I see him/her or not, I don't want to cry any mroe, I am totally happy without that person in my life - I just don't feel lonely without that person any more - it's just my past...and, all of a sudden, someone appears in my life and gives me a lots of attention, and I feel like that might be someone very interesting, and so, I get involved - that would not be a rebound! BIG DIFFERENCE! To avoid those rebound situations, don't get involved with married people who tell you they are in the process of divorce...or people who just broke up...don't do that!

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      i concur with you. people are not always rebounds

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      I'm going to take a guess and say this was directed at the comments I made below. I don't think the first situation is really a rebound earlier because things can change, maybe you really liked both people or there are other extenuating circumstances that we are unaware of and it is possible for the first one to turn into a healthy relationship just as easily as the second situation could fall apart. Again this is just my belief when it comes to "rebounds" and it very well could be just me.

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      *either not earlier

      Sorry for the typo.