For those outside Colorado and Washington! what's the outside view on the legalization cannabis?

So I live in Colorado and recreational use of medicinal cannabis was just legalized for anyone over the age of 21, and I'm wondering what the outside view is on this topic. I'm wondering what the rest of the US thinks so can you put your city and state.

What do you think about this?

What is Colorado's stereotype? Like what do you assume of us if we tell you were from Colorado.

Which state has the best weed?

Can you put your city/state so I can get of views of opinions across the nation. Thanks
How will it affect the War on Drugs? Do you think this will affect the Mexican cartel? How? Could this policy (Amendment 64) be applied to the harder drugs and work? What would happen?


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  • I live in Oregon, and honestly I was REALLY surprised that we didn't legalize this time around as well. I wasn't completely surprised about Washington, but Colorado kind of threw me for a loop. Not that I thought you guys would be UNlikely to legalize, just that you snuck up and legalized before Oregon somehow, which I wouldn't have thought likely. The reason I say that is because Oregon was the second state, right after California, to legalize marijuana for medicinal use, and that was like in the 90s. For the most part, we're very PRO weed here, haha. I thought for sure this year would be the one, because it was such a huge deal, and everyone I know [as well as media] seemed to have a strong opinion on the issue [one way or the other], mostly FOR legalization, versus the more passive and lazy response of the past couple years. Everyone made a big fuss over making sure they voted on this if nothing else, and adamantly telling/reminding everyone else to vote on it as well. Those are my only reasons really, not because I assumed Colorado was more anti-pot or anything. I just hadn't really heard much about you guys involving the legalization controversy.

    What do I think? I think it's great that we had two states in one year that legalized, I think it's a step in the right direction, and I think more will follow suit next time around. Hell, maybe this year will be Oregon's year. =]

    I don't really assume much about Colorado or people from there. First things that come to mind are lots of greenery and forest and outdoorsy folk [much like Oregon], mountains, and the Denver airport... which I hate, haha, sorry. =P

    I can't be certain, as I haven't sampled buds from very many different states. Only California and maybe Washington, aside from our own. The big reason being that so much weed is grown and circulated in Oregon [lovingly, expertly grown, people really care for their plants, and not just for the money like one might assume... people have passion for their marijuana], we really don't have reason to bring it in from out of state. Our bud is always great, 'bomb chronic' is basically the norm. You'd be hard-pressed to find 'bad' weed here. Like yeah you can find leaf and trimmings easily enough from someone who's just harvested their plants, but you'd have to really go out of your way, and probably know someone personally, because most people would look at ya real funny if you went around asking for that s.hit, lmao. You may come across 'eh, okay' bud, but usually at a reduced price, and it'll still get you stoned, it's just not that WOW bud that blows you away. =P Anyone I know, 95% of the time will have WOW buds, the sticky, furry/crystallized, dense stoney goodness that smells and tastes awesome. I know some growers and have friends who deal directly FROM growers [whether medical or illegal], rarely are there middle men or anyone shady. Most medical users favor growing their own or getting direct from one grower, over buying from dispensaries.

    • You can tell when someone really puts LOVE and care into their crops, I feel, because it really is reflected in the final product. The majority of the BEST weed I've ever tried has been grown locally, in state, and usually pretty close to home. You always hear about how amazing California bud is, and yeah it's damn good [all I've tried at least], but I've had better from home, and they're generally pretty neck-and-neck. I think the main reason we haven't legalized yet in Oregon is because while

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    • okay, well just letting you know, many people here aren't going to want to sit and read all of that unless they don't have much else to do. A lot of people won't even have the time for it. You kinda look like you're trying too hard.

    • LOL okay then, because typing out whatever ramble my brain takes me on expends SO much effort. The majority of users I know, and that's a lot over the years, spend so much time here in the first place when they don't have much else to do. If you don't want to sit and read it, then don't, and move on, lol, simple as that. I'm not really concerned about one person disliking how I answer questions dude.

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  • well, everyone smokes at least most people and if they don't they drink because they can't smoke which I think is worse ( more drunk drivers killing people and themselves or just always hung over which still leaves your head a mess being high or smoking too much you can always still get up and function without a head ache or sickness or just not thinking straight when driving and making your left in front of a car because you forgot you have to make sure that car wasn't turning the same way ugh! ). <---- I leave on a main road and that was true one morning a girl turned and got smashed she still had alcohol in her system from the night before and it was a Tuesday ! We joke about moving to colorado not just because its legal but I bet you guys will have fewer accidents and fights and blah blah blah because everyone will be calm patient and HAPPY! I'm from Phila Pa where crime rate sore eery day and its really really sad...and I know if they were to legalize it not only would the nation be out of debt and they can stop bitching but everyone who enjoys it can and really could bring peace back in the world I think. I don't know but your state WAY TO GO! lol...

  • I don't really know what the effects of legalization will be, but I think it's really stupid that they put people in jail for weed. I think only violent criminals should be jailed. So I guess the only way to stop overfilling the prisons with normal people is to legalize weed and that's good.

  • I'm from Houston, TX. Conservative Republican/Liberterian. I don't have many direct opinions on Coloradans...I think of it more in terms of skiing than anything really, or recall the shooting. I do not smoke pot, nor do I generally purposely affiliate with those who do smoke. When it comes to legalization, I kind of believe in it for economic reasons and because I believe if it were legal we could more easily talk to younger generations about appropriate amount. I also believe it would be LESS of a gateway because people wouldn't already be shunning the law to smoke it and therefore would be less likely to cross over to illegal harder drugs. Further, the stuff they sell legally in smoke shops legally is MUCH more harsh and inappropriate than the actual thing...I'd rather people be smoking regular pot legally...than THAT crap.

    • That's false.

    • Well, an any respect, it's little more than personal speculation. How could we know unless it plays out. Could it really be so much worse, do you think?

    • Which direct part do you condemn as necessarily 'false'?

  • I live in Vancouver, Canada and weed isn't legal here yet but pretty much no one cares if it is or isn't, I'm sure it will be legal soon. On 4/20 no one even tries to stop the smoking. It should be legal everywhere, maybe with similar rules to alcohol (although not the 21 year age thing, that is so stupid. The Europeans turn out just fine and they can drink at 16!)

  • I'm indifferent...part of me thinks it's not worth policing the use of Cannabis but I certainly don't condone it's use. People often liken it to alcohol but my major issue with that argument is you can drink alcohol just for taste, you aren't always doing it to get drunk but you are always smoking to get high.

  • I don't want weed to be legalized. I think people look silly pushing so hard for a drug to be legalized. Tobacco and Nicotine were legalized and look how much good it's done for society. Do you honestly believe weed is any different?

  • I think it's funny how some people think that sodas should be illegal and weed should be legal. Make up your mind, should the government tell people what to put into their bodies or not?

    Personally I would never smoke weed but I don't care if it's legal as long as the same rules apply to it as cigarettes (no smoking in public and you have to be at least 18).

    When I think of Colorado I tend to think of hippies. That's pretty ironic of a Californian to say, though. But Californians don't bother legalizing. People just do it here. I know so many people who do it and I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for it.

  • Chicago, IL, and it is thumbs up.

  • im from sf, cali

    . I don't smoke or drink and I don't think any drug should be legal to be honest other than drinking (assuming people are responsible enough to do even that). weed isn't a starter drug for nothing and will harm the body, a pack of smokes should be too. if it was legal id be wearing a gas mask every time I left home.

    i think people should get hobbies and I can't answer the other 2.

    im just one person in my state. a lot of pple would be and favor of weed or in between. I'm actually a very liberal person except on the subject of drugs and sometimes money

  • I find it stupid and pathetic...I don't see what's good about it, weed is nasty, the smell makes me want to vomit. It causes people to do stupid things, and you have to be really weak to use it.

    • I'm in KCK

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    • I agree completely. I don't know why tf people are trying so hard to come up with reasons as to why all of society should be allowed to smoke weed.

    • Thank you! It just makes them look pathetic.

  • Should be legal everywhere. I don't see what the big deal is. It's just weed.

    I'm from Arkansas.

  • It should be legal everywhere, just like all drugs, but I'm just a silly libertarian so my opinion is null. However I applaud them for being the first two states to end prohibition.

  • Well obviously the states don't care about the people but about revenue. People who say marijuana doesn't harm anyone is in denial as I have many friends and family members all negatovely effected by it. Anything you need to rely on to feel good is not good. (Currently in Utah lived in Washington for 12 years)

    • Also went to a high school where 80% of the kids smoked weed and were completely useless in school. All they cared about was that high they were going to get after school.

  • I am Irish...

    I am 100% for the legalisation of cannabis

  • Very normal! lol.

    I'm Dutch, that's why. People over here aren't stoned on a daily basis, so I don't see why it could be bad to make it legal over there. It's just the few people who do it everyday who get in trouble because of this, otherwise: np for me.

  • It's about time! Now the rest of the country needs to get on board.

  • I live in Wisconsin.

    Although I don't smoke and don't encourage others to smoke, I'm for cannabis legalization. From what I've seen, heard, and read, I don't believe cannabis is any more dangerous to use than alcohol, and I think it should be regulated accordingly - quality control, taxation, and laws that treat being high like smoking cigarettes or being drunk.

  • jealous lol

  • I think it's dumb as hell. Legalizing weed is going to cause street chemists to have to produce, stronger, more unique drugs thus eventually creating more dangerous drugs and more dangerous results of drug related activity.

    • *You don't need to know my city and state. Point blank: I'm American.*

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    • I'm not fighting tooth or nail. I simply feel differently and responded to the question just as you did. I'm not whining about legalization, in fact until this post I rarely discuss it with anyone. And if they never legalize weed I'm not going to lose a minute of sleep... I just feel differently and hope to challenge your perspective just as you choose to challenge mine

    • you don't smoke weed, yet you still sound like one of those dumb asses who "debates" about why we should let a drug that reduces brain cells and can easily cause addiction into our society legally. I'm not close minded, I just disagree and you won't listen to that and go on about your life. Instead you choose to sit here and talk endlessly about why I should agree with you. You're not challenging my perspective you're just making me wish you had no movement in your fingers so you couldn't type

  • I think that it's really cool that it's been legalized. I never fully understood why weed was illegal. When people are high they're pretty chill for the most part (from what I've seen at least) opposed to drunk people who are usually rowdy and angry. I always thought that it should have been the other way around anyway (weed being legal and alcohol not), but whatever :/

    As far as Colorado goes I don't think there's any stereotypes for it. I love Denver <3 it's amazing.

    • I'm currently living in the worst state in the world - Mississippi. I don't want to say my actual city because it's population is like 1,000, but I live near Tupelo.

    • I doubt that it will really affect the war on drugs. I only know one person who has avoided weed just because it's illegal (as smoking it would void his scholarship). Other than him, if someone wants to smoke weed then they're going to do it whether it's legal or not. As far as harder drugs I don't think that they should be legalized because I feel like if they were they'd be easier to get and it would be more of an issue of people drugging others

    • Although,again if you have your mind set on trying cocaine you're going to find it either way and if you really want to drug someone then you're going to do it. The law isn't going to stop you

  • I live in Ohio and I'm preeeetty sure I'm for it. My only hesitation is not knowing how it'll actually play out in reality and what effects it will have, so it'll be interesting to see if anything really changes in CO and WA, possibly for the better. I don't view CO any differently for it.


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  • Last question first. I have no idea what state has the best weed.

    To the first question. As a believer in the decriminalization of marijuana (for personal reasons aside from wanting to smokemyself) I see Col and Wash as great states casting aside an antiquated law built out of scare tactics and prejudice.

    We spend too much money fighting a meaningless war against marijuana sales when in reality we could be make billions of $$ in tax revenue if we legalized and taxed the sale of it. All we hear about is the necessity of raising taxes or eliminating tax deductions and yet we fight battles and pour billions of dollars into a meaningless war in which the biggest losers are often small time criminals selling dime bags. So I applaud Colorado and Washington and hope other states follow suit.

    In Pennsylvania just last week my local senator introduced the first bill to legalize marijuana in the state. I hope it is fast tracked although I guess any referendum and final implentation wouldn't take place til the next election

    • I'm from philly area

  • Good job Colorado.

    It should be legalized everywhere though I support the idea that it's a state issue.

    The anti-marijuana arguments just get more silly by the day (by reading these posts).

  • I hate the stuff.

  • My view: Oh that is so cool. I bet Colorado is the best state ever, with their weed and snow and the fact that if you have sex in Denver then you belong to the mile high club automatically!

    Nah, my real view is that I really don't care and wouldn't want to live there because motorcycle riding season is probably a lot shorter than what I'd prefer (which would be 12 out of 12 months in the year).

  • What do I think about this? I think federal law supersedes state law and it's going to take a long time to actually repeal prohibition on cannabis. I do support the idea of national legalization, regulation, and taxation of cannabis through. I don't smoke anymore, but the war on drugs is such a clusterf*** of a policy in so many ways that it is my opinion it needs to end.

    What is Colorado's stereotype? The policy doesn't change my views of the citizens of the state. There is a diverse population there and over all the state is pretty nice. I'd like to return and visit Rocky Mountain National Park again. It's a nice place.

    Which state has the best weed? Florida. We are number #1 in grow houses. We have the most hydroponic systems set up for high quality weed and we also have some of the largest drug trafficking operations from South America through the Port of Miami, the Everglades, and other waterways throughout the state.

  • Right wing cowards answering anonymously aside, the legalization in the two states is clearly a rational decision by anyone with a brain.

    The drug warrior argument, especially the anti-cannabis argument has been relegated to the ideological trash bins of demagoguery, along with racism, sexism, homophobia, birthers, moon landing denial, etc. The only thing left for the argument is to get repeated from consolidated bubbles of crackpottery, because it has lost the debate.

    • Oh and I live in Texas, ground zero of idiot politics and special needs students as governors. My opinion doesn't represent the state.

    • It won't affect the cartels until it's federally legalized and the government stops violating state's rights like they already do with the shops in california. It must be legally available to affect illegal drug markets.

  • Honestly I really don't see the point in it or people arguing about it one way or the other. I personally don't like the drug. Do I care that it has been passed? Not in the slightest, all it means is that it has been legalized on the state level for people to smoke. In all honesty I really don't even see the point in alcohol or cigarettes being legal.

    Sure I'll probably get down votes for this but before that just hear me out. What is the point of any of those things? Most of the responses I see are usually that "its fun to do it it helps you to relax", since when do people need to alter their minds to have fun? Sure it can help you relax, I get that but aren't there other things that do the job just as well or even more effectively? But people will do what they want. I guess its different strokes for different folks.

    Although I guess some good can come out of this, it allows for more testing grounds to gain more conclusive studies on the health effects of using marijuana.

  • I think it should be illegal everywhere.

  • Live in IL and quit smokin weed a year ago. It is bad for people no matter what anyone says but it is fun. I think everything should be legal regardless.

  • Colorado is generally viewed as a liberal stronghold and one of the top states leading the US in it's continued decline into the garbage heap, along with California.

    • Considering the user demographics here at GAG, you're not going to get an accurate representation of the opinions of most US citizens. The average age here is around 20, and at that age most folks don't have the experience or wisdom to understand the real implications of the legalization of pot. No offense meant.

    • The down votes are no surprise given what I've already said. lol.