If you wanted to kill yourself, which one of these would it be?

If you wanted to kill yourself, which one of these would it be? - - just curious.

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  • I don't want to kill myself although I have a lot to deal with that are bad..and I never will kill myself cause I rather make life better for myself and live...but if I wanted to I guess I would choose to go lay in a beautiful field with flowers , laying in the sun or not...and just look at the sky and drink poison or inject myself with poison anyone that's faster

    • yea plus I can enrich the soil and plants if I decay there lol...hopefully people find me easy lol ...but yea I would want my death to be peaceful

    • that sounds nice

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  • Oh gosh the all say too painful. I just wouldnt.

    • depends on what poison

    • dizziness, yellowed vision, and respiratory failure. severe stomach pain, nausea. Deosnt that sound painful to you?... ;) @ 7gnat

    • how is poison painfull?

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  • swallowing pills

    • yup very logical :D

    • ah OK, seems like the least painful way to go

    • swallowing pills counts as poison :D

  • Hanging or Drowning.

    • ooh interesting :D

    • Hanging is only painful if you do it wrong...

      but realistically, you double up...

      Take too many pills, then hang or drown or cut or jump...

    • wow I didn't suspect anyone would choose hanging or drowning since they are the most painful. o.o cool

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  • I would hate to be scammed to death. Like someone scams you out of everything in your life, money, family, friends, everything. Then just when you think you can't get scammed any more you get scammed out of your own life.

  • gun to the head. it's quick and over in a nanosecond.

  • Reveur's method is my choice

  • The major cause of death is birth. What's your hurry?

    • ; - )

    • lol you again palek - lol - your jokes always crack me up

  • Guns are fun for the whole family no?

    • yes guns - you go out in style :D lol

  • I suppose poison, but I'd likely opt for an opioid overdose rather then drano...

    • up votes for suicide. lol