How do I show to a guy that it is OK to be connected to a girl?

How do I show to a guy that it is OK to be connected to a girl?

The guy I'm seeing is afraid of commitment and getting close to someone. As soon as he senses that I am becoming to close, he claims he is smothered. I have tried to reassure him but he doesn't seem to get it. What do I do?


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  • Dump him.

    Find someone who actually enjoys affection and emotional intimacy and craves it.

    You have to work on some things in a relationship, but stuff like this, just find someone more compatible.


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  • Just give him more encouragement and appreciation.

    Appreciate his efforts and all the little things he do. Give him signs of interest like not breaking eye contact, touching him always, flirting with him, and teasing him.

    Guys, sometimes, just needs a little push.

    • He says that he doesn't like any of that affection stuff. That it isn't him and he thinks its weird that I call him cute or give other encouragements. He's like a robot.

    • That's alright. People have different views about things sometimes.

      Then, appreciation does the job.

    • Ill attempt it, thanks. I think that might be his trigger.

  • it 's easy,take him to movies,watch romantic movies with him,take him places that he likes ,do laugh with him,there is thing that say the as much as you laugh with person you get more and more close to him or her,make his mind full of this things so he doesn't get time to get back and think with that naughty mind he has about connecting to a girl

  • give him what he needs and do what he says


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