Do guys really prefer skinny, tanned girls?

Do guys really prefer the tanned, stick thin girls or do guys like a bit of something on a girl!? We were having this argument in English and I just wondered what you thought!

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  • There's a range in terms of 'how thin' most guys like girls to be.

    The vast majority like girls who are thinner then the average woman in the U.K. or north America.

    The vast majority like girls who are a little meatier then what most women seem to think is the ideal physical shape.

    As for tanned, I'm not sure, I don't mind any complexion but don't really like tans. If a girl is pale, that's hot and would prefer her natural, tanned state. My impression is people who live in areas with a 'beach culture' view tanning as normal, and the untanned as looking odd. In other areas and demographics, tanning is probably viewed as being an odd thing to do and the results unnatural.

    • This is basically what I said...just in more detail. I always thought that the most simple answer was the "best" answer. Or so I thought that was Occam's Razor...apparently not

    • lol happy plums is jealous

    • Sorry :') I didn't mean to upset anyone, I just felt like he went into a lot of detail thas all? Nothing personal, sorry mate! x