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I just started university and I feel like it is completely changing me. Do you feel the same?

I have just started university at 26 years old and I feel lile it's changing who I am. I only have one course at the moment and I go twice a week... Show More

I guess I should state why I feel like its changing me.. well I feel like I have to lose all od the parts of me that add fun to my life. Such as playing guitar and bass guitar. I don't get to go out much, though I never really had a lot of friends to go out with. Basically I feel like I'm losing the best parts of myself to live some . And then having a job completely takes up my time. Huess I sound like a child lol, but it's really bothering me.

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  • What do you mean by changing you? Changing you how?

    • Ooops I will update the question..

    • I didn't go to uni until I was 24 and it took a lot of adjusting. I was used to working and having time to myself, my friends were mostly older, I had been out of education for a while. At uni, I did veterinary science and it was full on and the majority of people were younger than me with different interests and my party days were behind me (for the most part). I felt odd, like my world had changed and I had to change with it.

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  • Yea I feel like a different person from when I started school 4 years ago. But I mean you just have to find a way to balance and still do things that you like and that relax you. One class surely can't completely cut out your time to play guitar can it?

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  • yeah university eats up free time, there have been times where I just went t like 6 in the morning, come home at 8 in the evening and then straight to bed and do that for weeks. University is a full time job for some.

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