Should I send an anonymous email?

I like this girl, I know she likes me. She is married, I want to send an anonymous email. A few words: " Your beautiful" as the james blunt song goes.She'll know who sent it. Could I get in trouble? Is it too creepy?


I agree with the " she is married". Because it leaves me vulnerable in so many ways including the eternal laws of the universe.

She has approached me before through girlfriends. So, I know she is interested. I'm a stud, I can have pretty well any girl I want. It's just the way it is...

Women love my personality, charm, and mixed appearence. I'm a piece of work.

I guess I'll just leave her by the wayside for now...

I think the most sane and balanced response is the guy who said to be very careful. If a married woman approaches you, it is different from you going on the attack. Although, I would win either way, I might get a few scrapes here or there. No girl has ever said no to me. I am what I am.

I will admit my tactics are a little unorthodox. But, in the end they always come around. A challenge is always nice once in a while. Thanks again to good better best bad!
good better best bad, your right, they are judging me for asking a sincere question. I think there is a reflective quality to your answer. Life is not made of absolutes, there is a middle path. My best friend's wife just sent me an email: The girl believes I am the one, but there were many people involved and this made things very complicated. Even dangerous. I'll end with a caption for the hearing impaired: To stay married to someone when you love someone else is worse then adultery.

The email goes: " no words to say,no words to convey these feelings I have for you deep in my heart, safe from the guards of intellect and reason leaving me at a loss for words to express my feelings deep in my heart". Originally written decades ago by Tracy Chapman, and part of her Yearbook. She was the high school princess, and nothings changed! World War 3 Has already begun...


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  • Married women are still available but VERY VERY dangerous territory. If she's being cold to you, then you know you shouldn't do it. However if she's kind of showing you that she's not in a happy marriage, then yes you can go ahead and do it. Again, tread CAREFULLY

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      Just as women shouldn't get involved with married men so should men avoid f***ing someone else's wife. Where is the decency?

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      This is ridiculous!

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      Sorry you have taken so much abuse. I do not think people read all your answers, especially that we agreed that the best decision is not too. I will definitely be careful, it is very dangerous waters.