How was Seinfeld such a huge hit? I cannot in any way find this show funny.

As you all know, Jerry Seinfeld had his own comedy show for a number of years that is now in syndication and clogs up all the networks. I personally think the show sucks and I don't know how it's remotely funny. I mean Newmann is alright, but that's about it. Who agrees or disagrees?


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  • Sadly only smart people find it to be funny. Hahaha the girl that also thinks it is not funny has me blocked as I tried to down vote her :P. All the people here that I dislike are stupid...that makes me happy inside

    • :) thank you sir

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  • I can't explain to you why the show was funny.

    Its called comedy.

    Either you get it or you don't.

    I personally loved the show.

    And a majority of people loved it has well, which is why it was a huge hit.

    I hated when the show was ending, and wish that it went about one or two more seasons longer.

    Honestly, I rather a show like the Seinfeld become a huge hit.

    Rather than seeing shows that show nothing but trashy people becoming a huge success.

    Ex. Jersey Shore, Bad girls club, etc.

    At least the people on the Seinfeld show tried to spread laughter (which is healthy for everyone).

    Not the trash that's being publicized nowadays on television.

  • I can't explain why it was a huge hit, all I can say is I loved that

    show. It's really funny, how could anybody not like a show about

    nothing?! But, then agian I also loved watching the Golden Girls

    and Dharma and Greg and many other sitcoms that people probably

    don't like lol. Tis fine, just my preference : )

  • I only like Kramer.

  • The basis of the show was that it was "a show about nothing."

    You laugh at it because you can relate to it. It's funny because it's true. They just make fun of the little things that happen to us every day that we normally don't think about.

    I didn't understand it when I was younger either because I couldn't relate but now that I'm an adult I think it's really funny.

  • I love Seinfield. Staples Jerry, staples.

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  • I like it.The show basically focused on the comedy in our daily lives,habits,customs,thoughts.It's pretty cool.Who doesn't like Kramer ? The guy is awesome.I also like "curb your enthusiasm" the writer of seinfeld stars in this one but it can be boring sometimes I have to say but still ,great show.The episode where a reporter thought seinfeld and george were gay and george wanted to prove her wrong "Do you want me to have sex with you right now,I'll have sex with you RIGHT NOW,come on !" hilarious :D

  • Seinfeld is pretty much a about selfish people and how they don't go by th rules society has imposed upon us. Its about doing what is best for us and forget what people may say. Jerry and George date different girls every episode, why? Because they are shallow individuals and its funny to ser people actually being as superficial as they can. Elaine is the same way, screening candidates before using a sponge. If you watch the final episode you can see all the people they have wrongred during the show's run and it finally bit them in the ass. I wish I could be that selfish and just look after myself and seeing them doing that is what makes it funny.

    Also the humor is not just your regular sitcom humor, it is smart and if you love that kind of humor you just know and find yourself using it all the time and has become part of our every day vocabulary "double dip", "festivus", "serenity now", they are just too many to mention. I LOVE SEINFELD. If you don't get what makes it funny, then nobody can explain it to you and you are seriously missing out.

    • I agree Jerry was really shallow, but George was just a sad sap that never got a chance (although his reaction to his fiance's death was pretty messed up).

    • George was also shallow. When he got set up with a bald woman, forgetting he was bald himself. He also dumped Audrey (girl with a big nose) because he couldn't get past the nose. These are self centered individuals, thinking only about themselves. That's what made it funny, if you ever saw curb your enthusiasm, its pretty much the same thing, about a man who only thinks about himself and opposes society's "rules" and gets labeled as a jerk for doing so, but it what we all want to do sometimes

  • The 90's were just a different time. You probably think that Dick Van Dyke, I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, Mash, and other shows also suck because they're so tame and predictable by today's standards.

    During its time, Seinfeld was one of the best things on tv. That either means that everything else was just plain awful, or Seinfeld simply doesn't stand the test of time very well. My vote is for the latter.

  • I don't think it's funny at all either... I guess it isn't my brand of comedy.. Hell I've even found Frasier to be more funny than that show by far.

    • Good answer. GO PATS!

    • Yeah go Tom Brady! He topped Joe Montana for most postseason wins last game!

  • It's all subjective but in the end the ratings don't lie. I love the Seinfeld show.

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