What is your opinion on this cut out t-shirt? Would you wear it? Why or why not?


If so, what would you wear it with?

Thanks :)


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  • It looks pretty bad. It just hangs really badly.

  • it's interesting...im rather lukewarm on it to be honest

  • As a man, I'm not very in touch with fashion. But this does not look good. Damned if I'm wearing it

  • I don't like it. You can do better than that. For one thing you can make one. I say skip.

  • I don't like it.

    I don't mind that it shows some skin, but it's just not nice.

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  • I really don't like it and I'd never wear something like that.

  • It's not bad but I can't say it's my style. I do like it in coral though. I might wear it in the right setting...you're right...the beauty of a small strip of stomach rather than butt and boobs is vastly underrated and over looked. I think they manage to keep it relatively classy while giving a mild and innocent form of skin that doesn't shout 'tramp'.

  • Honestly I think it's kind of ugly and toooooo expensive. You could buy a t-sh*t at the dollar store and cut you own hole in it.

    • lol okay, but it's a plain black shirt with a knot in the middle lol, how's that ugly? I appreciate how it shows a type of sexy that gets overlooked; the simple sexiness of tummy. Often you see booty and t*ts popping out but people forget the simple sexy art of a woman's stomach and side and shoulders ect

    • QA...Go with a shirt that reveals your navel. That would look awesome. And if you have a piercing, even better.

  • No, I'd never wear it. The location of the cut out is stupid and pointless. It makes the shirt ugly.

  • That is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. And it's not a cute enough top to be worth it.

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