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What is your opinion on this cut out t-shirt? Would you wear it? Why or why not?


If so, what would you wear it with?

Thanks :)

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  • Reminds me of this


    • roflmfao!

    • Now THAT was funny! Thanks for making my day!

    • It was good until condom guy showed up. Ha Ha

What Guys Said 30

  • It looks pretty bad. It just hangs really badly.

  • What would I wear it with? Well, my ovaries.

    It's pretty hot, not fer me though.

  • it's interesting...im rather lukewarm on it to be honest

  • I wouldn't recommend it. Honestly, I think it just looks kind of dumb.

    • how so?

      it's a great shirt for dance practice!

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    • Oh well yeah okay it could even be kind of helpful for excercise because you'd have a breeze to help keep you cool when you're gettin' all hot and sweaty and the likes :p This is why I like wearing shorts when I do boxing training. I can't do it in jogging bottoms without my legs starting to feel too hot and itching.

    • Oh yeah one more thing I just thought of - it would also work for girls on the stereo-typical sping break (I only know the kind of spring break seen on tv), and for wet t-shirt contests and like charity/fund raising car washes where they get a load of hot girls to wash cars in skimpy outfits... or is that only in the movies?

      Anyway, this would be another situation this weird t-shirt could work in. It's probably perfect for this actually.

  • no. I don't like it.

  • no! I think it would look too damn girlie on me

  • Hate it.

  • As a man, I'm not very in touch with fashion. But this does not look good. Damned if I'm wearing it

  • I would not wear it.

  • To answer your question...

    No, I would not wear that.

  • i prefer the white one over all.

  • Looks kinda cheap/trashy.

  • My reaction, which I said aloud - "That's weird... it'd look better if it were just one t-shirt".

    In other words, I think that the get ups these girls are wearing are quite cool, and if these were regular t-shirts, in the same color in each case, the girls would have an overall good get up in my opinion. That cut-off thing, I think it looks silly and stupid... just two different ways of saying the same thing.

  • That's pretty ugly, even more-so on her body shape.

  • I don't like it.

    I don't mind that it shows some skin, but it's just not nice.

  • I don't think I would look good at that.. I'd probably get mugged wearing that.. so No.

    It's up to the girl if she could rock it though, After looking through the pics, I think you have to be in the right physical fitness to wear that piece of clothing.

    Sexy if you could wear it, horrible if not

    • lmfao @ "horrible if not"

      what do you mean exactly when you say "the right physical fitness"?

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    • oh okay, thanks for the detail :) I appreciate how you commented on more than just you liking it or not liking it and actually explained

    • you're welcome bud :)

  • As a guy I wouldn't wear it but for a girl yes but only to bed. I would want her to wear something sexy from victoria secrets and I'd rip her shirt in half for the sake of foreplay.

  • I don't like it. You can do better than that. For one thing you can make one. I say skip.

  • majority rules!

  • Sure, if you stand out of the crowd, such a guy will go after you.


    looks inviting and daring.

    • Well to be fair, yeah, they call it peacocking. Like when Tom Hatherford went into a bar wearing a flash suit and a pink knitted wooly hat in Parks and Recreation - only he had it all wrong lol! He just looked like a moron because he was peacocking in a piece of clothing that was awful and didn't suit him in any conceivable way. It was hilarious though.

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    • By the way, peacocking is wearing something that stands out to try and get the opposite sex, or just desired sex actually, to notice you in a positive way. Basically what AnonAbel said, but just thought I should clarify what I mean.

    • tiger pants is a turnoff for me, it reminds me of al bundy's wife.

  • Kind of strange looking. Like she has it on backwards =P I'm joking around a little, but while it doesn't do much for me - if you like it and feel good wearing it, rock it!

  • No I would not as people would possibly question my masculinity, sanity or both.

  • I only like the red one. Now that is super sexy. Pun intended.

  • It looks weird to me.

  • I like it in Coral. In a casual setting, it is not indiscreet.

  • something like that would suit panties only.

  • Never seen that sort of "style" before, doesn't look good.

  • No I wouldn't wear it. But you can if you like :p

  • why

    just why

    • lol, because it's different and sexy in a unique way rather than the average girl who flashes her t*ts or wears booty shorts or wears a crop top

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    • cheap, trashy, and stupid looking

    • lol well it's not like I'm living to seek your approval anyway ;)

What Girls Said 11

  • I really don't like it and I'd never wear something like that.

  • I don't really like the cut maybe if it was diagonal caz I can slash it across myself

  • No, I'd never wear it. The location of the cut out is stupid and pointless. It makes the shirt ugly.

  • That is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. And it's not a cute enough top to be worth it.

    • I don't think us guys would mind if it malfunctioned.

  • It's not bad but I can't say it's my style. I do like it in coral though. I might wear it in the right setting...you're right...the beauty of a small strip of stomach rather than butt and boobs is vastly underrated and over looked. I think they manage to keep it relatively classy while giving a mild and innocent form of skin that doesn't shout 'tramp'.

  • Honestly I think it's kind of ugly and toooooo expensive. You could buy a t-sh*t at the dollar store and cut you own hole in it.

    • lol okay, but it's a plain black shirt with a knot in the middle lol, how's that ugly? I appreciate how it shows a type of sexy that gets overlooked; the simple sexiness of tummy. Often you see booty and t*ts popping out but people forget the simple sexy art of a woman's stomach and side and shoulders ect

    • QA...Go with a shirt that reveals your navel. That would look awesome. And if you have a piercing, even better.

  • not usually into the cut out style but this tee kinda rocks! Go For brightly colored skinny jeans and some high heeled boots!

  • I think it's really awkward and weird looking... I don't like it, But it's your style so...

  • lol noooo it's cold as sh*t outside.

    • LOL!

  • That's relly not my style so I would wear it! This more my style link

  • It really does look weird :/

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