Hypothetically, what would you do if this happened to you?

You meet someone..

You figure out you are perfect for each other..

Get married.. Have kids..

Then one of them gets sick..

Needs bone marrow..

You both get tested..

and the Dr comes back and tells you that your spouse, is your half-sibling?

Now, what if you've just found out you are 2 months pregnant?


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  • Well I'm the guy and she'd be pregnant :D

    Whichever way I'm staying with her as long as she wants to do so herself but sinc we also have kids I'd do my best to convince her to stay.

    I sure wont' get over her since I loved her before we realized we are the same blood line. Whichever way nature didn't create these taboos, society i.e. humans did.

    Though people will freak out at the idea and also considering that children born out of such relationships tend to have disorders but that is not really necessary and would I love my wife or kids any less even if the kids did have any disroder.

    I'd say forget everything and just love her for the woman she is the way you did before :D

    In short I'd never change anything, I'd love her the same way and maybe more :)

    Good question :)

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      Wow after a whole 3 months :) thanks a bunch for the BA - I wholly appreciate it. Very thoughtful to check out and give a BA after quite a while :)

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      its my way lol

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      Nice and if I'm not being too judgmental then you probably give it enough gestation for people to answer before you decide :)