Hypothetically, what would you do if this happened to you?

You meet someone..

You figure out you are perfect for each other..

Get married.. Have kids..

Then one of them gets sick..

Needs bone marrow..

You both get tested..

and the Dr comes back and tells you that your spouse, is your half-sibling?

Now, what if you've just found out you are 2 months pregnant?


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  • Well I'm the guy and she'd be pregnant :D

    Whichever way I'm staying with her as long as she wants to do so herself but sinc we also have kids I'd do my best to convince her to stay.

    I sure wont' get over her since I loved her before we realized we are the same blood line. Whichever way nature didn't create these taboos, society i.e. humans did.

    Though people will freak out at the idea and also considering that children born out of such relationships tend to have disorders but that is not really necessary and would I love my wife or kids any less even if the kids did have any disroder.

    I'd say forget everything and just love her for the woman she is the way you did before :D

    In short I'd never change anything, I'd love her the same way and maybe more :)

    Good question :)

    • Wow after a whole 3 months :) thanks a bunch for the BA - I wholly appreciate it. Very thoughtful to check out and give a BA after quite a while :)

    • its my way lol

    • Nice and if I'm not being too judgmental then you probably give it enough gestation for people to answer before you decide :)

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  • It's really too late to "do" anything at that point, other than keep on livin'.

    I can always count on your questions/comments for an interesting perspective, Betwyn.

  • I don't think there is much I'd do. We already have children. I'm not sure honestly I think I'd have to ask for people's advice. Would the government require you get divorced. Now that I think about it, would you even be able to get married since the government I assume would bring this to light when you applied for a marriage license.

    wow what a conundrum. I don't know what I'd do

    • If you have no father on your birth certificate, you could share a father and who would know?

  • It wouldn't bother me. In fact, I might even prefer it. (I have a great uncle from West Virginia.)

  • Too late to worry about it. Its done.

    I wouldn't tell the kids.

  • I don't think I would be able to change the way I felt, and the fact that we have a child would mean the child and its mother mean the world to me, so for me to decide what to do means one thing, I would decide to let her choose my fate, because there is no way I would be able to choose otherwise but to continue as we were, with the exception of having any more children.I Think? x

    • So, no more children, but stay together?

    • I can't answer with experience here, all I can do is go by the foundations you have in place, and I cannot ignore that a child is ours, and we obviously mean a lot to each other to have that child, so yes, my gut feelingf would be stay together, because a whole life has been built on not knowing, so would knowing really change the way you feel about each other, I don't feel as if it would, but I would have her call the shots and accept whatever she decided,x

  • Boy. That escalated quickly.

    What would I do? Well. I don't really know to be honest. It would probably involve sitting in silence for 10 minutes whilst letting my jaw wipe the floor. I would then demand a retest and if it returned a positive then id imagine that I would carry on life as before, the new information doesn't change who we are so why should we make ourselves change. The one exception being: plan on not having any more children due to potential complications with inbreeding.

    Anyway, lets just hope that never happens.

  • I would file for a divorce. I wouldn't have peace with myself knowing that my wife and sister are one in the same.

  • Drive on as if you didn't know. Anything else just adds pain for everyone.

  • I'd be kinda surprised my kids aren't mutants. At the same time I'd be like w.t.f that's messed up. I'd be wondering why I didn't know my half-sister existed. I'd be worried for her health, hoping she'll recover.

    And eventually I reckon I'd just roll with it. Not tell the kids. Not tell anyone else. What's done is done and disgust, rejection etc... isn't going to improve anyone's life in the whole affair.

  • I'd say my dad did a lot more screwing around than I realized. I'd stay with her. Or at least try too.

  • I would stop watching f***ed up TV shows , they are just too f***ed up and I'm sure then nothing of that line would happen :D

  • I ask the doc: Do we both match for a transplant procedure?

    • You wouldn't care that you are married and have kids with your sister?

    • I'm not a woman. I'd be more concerned with the fact of saving her life than the drama of she being my half-sister.

  • damn well I guess at that point I already have kids with them I would just roll with it and not tell the kid or anybody we know. hell might even move if we would have too

  • Haha I would move south where it is more common lol

  • Half blood is still blood, yeah, I'd throw up a little, not going to lie.

  • I feel like it's a social thing more than anything - as long as we don't go advertising it out to the world what does it matter? It would surely weird me out for a few days, but if I care enough about this person to marry them then something like that shouldn't make me care any less.

    We're all related to some extent, and we're all a bit inbred because of it. It's only after several generations that it becomes an issue. It happens in nature all the time and as long as it isn't the norm it's OK.

  • That is a situation where you can't honestly answer it with fullest integrity until you are in that position, I mean that'd totally depends on the relationship you have with him/her, the extent you're willing to go to salvage what's left, and how invested you are in emotions. I don't think it is as clear and as concise to just answer yes or no.

    • I agree, it is hard to answer fully... but assuming it is the best relationship you have ever, and will ever, have...

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    • well, you are partial blood... you share a parent...

    • hmmm I don't know its just such a tricky situation, 400 years ago nobody would care but nowadays we do

  • I would get a divorce. The good side would be that since we're "perfect for each other", we should be able to get through it well and talk about it in a mature and understanding way. After puking up all of our previous week's dinners, that is.

    If I were two months pregnant? Well, I'd have to reconsider my whole life philosophy if that happened.

  • I wouldn't tell the family members that's for sure. Honestly I would just agree to not mention it to anyone. Hopefully the child won't have a thumb sticking out of his forehead. I would hope my s/o would have the same thought.

  • No f***s would be given on that day.

  • Not care? I mean it'd be something to laugh at but it makes no difference.

  • honestly, I could not give a more f*** even if she was my mom at that point. bone marrow is much more complicated case

    now on other hand I have a halfsister my own age, I would not see any problem to go out with her.(only awkward part is that my dad and her mom is going out to...)

  • Abortion then divorce then suicide!

    • Suicide? AFTER a divorce?

      Well, if you must then...you should do a productive suicide! Like being sent on an experimental trip to Mars and back. If you made it back you would be a hero! If you didn't, well at least you are dying for science and the advancement of humanity!

  • ...lame.

    Probably bail - vanish completely and go live a new life somewhere.

  • If be worrying more about the bone marrow issue lol. I guess I'd just live with knowing that and carry on with how everything has worked so well so far.

  • It would not change anything after building a life together.

  • Really it will be painful to hold for the rest of the life. But any cost won't let others to come know and lead the life forgetting the matter. for the sake of child

  • Whelp, doesn't that just beat all...

    I would end up divorcing her; she's my half sister. You can pick your friends and you can pick your lovers, but you cannot pick your family. I would never be able to think of her romantically again and I would be disgusted with myself for continuing such a relationship.

    If none of our previous kids have disorders I would say to let the baby be born. But if they all have problems then I would have to say it MIGHT be better if the child was never born into such miserable fate...

    Of course, I would help to finish raising the kids and I am quite familiar with what it's like to raise a child with disabilities/disorders within divorced parenting (my father had kids to three different women, two of which had visitation rights with the latest of which being low-functioning autistic).

    For the kid's sake I would say tell them that we are distant relatives, but that we also had a falling out. I would not give details about it until they became adults. This would also be after a lengthy explanation of how genealogy works and how much diversity is needed for natural survival. I mean, supposedly everyone is related to the first humans. If that's the case then we are all very distantly related as well.

  • too tough I can't answer it

  • Order a pizza., have a couple of shots of JD. Then wonder how the hell I'm going to have my baby cause it's not coming out of my ass, that I do know.

    • ha ha ha.. you as the couple...

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  • First I'd get my kids checked to see if they have any disorders. I'd keep the kid I was pregnant with. Then I'd talk with my husband about options. We could either get him fixed so we wouldn't have any other kids and stay together or we'd get a divorce. But I'd make sure to keep the information under wraps forever no matter what we decide to do.

    I read the Mortal Instruments series and honestly it changed my opinion on the matter. I used to think the best thing to do was to get a divorce and flee the country and never see each other again. But now I'm not so sure. It's not really fair for people to think badly of you because you didn't know. And as long as you stop having kids then it's okay. And it's pretty messed up for the parent you have in common not to say anything. Unless they don't know. Then you could probably get away with it.

  • Yikes. I'd get a divorce.

  • I think that's one of the reasons why I'm not attracted to Asians lol - they all remind me of my brother. I thought they'd do the blood testing match with the recipient only and not the potential donors? and there was no DNA testing and without the half siblings parents present the test would be inconclusive.

    still - it's a situations you can't fully answer unless its really happening. that also means you are mother/father and aunt/uncle to your own child.

    • same with me dating women of my own race is weird they all look like my sisters or a cousin

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    • I'm also afraid of a specific Asian ethnicity in terms of dating, because I know nobody on my mother's half of the family tree.

      I'm half though, so I guess it's not AS bad =P

    • @steelymcbeam you made me lol hahahaha - better safe then sorry huh :D

  • I live in Texas, not Arkansas, haha!

    I'd get a divorce. I wouldn't be able to live with that.

    I actually have a half-brother - I guess it's a good thing we don't get along :-P haha

    • This answer made me sad, you'd divorce the perfect love of your life because on the unfortunate coincidence that you're in part related?

      - another Texan

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    • I really don't know. That'd be my knee-jerk reaction... but I've never been faced with the choice to abort or not to abort, so I really don't know what I would ultimately decide.

    • Lol, Sean-the-Scot... you dirty boy

  • It was nice knowing you...

    But seriously that would be messd up. I don't even know what to think. I mean they aren't FULLY my sibling so it wouldn't be so bad? lol. We would probably have to do some confidentiality agreement secrecy thing.