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Would you take your ex back even when environment isn't supporting?

My family and friends don't support my ex because he behaved very bad. He didn't beat me but didn't show up on a appointment with the parents, threw... Show More

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  • Get to know him first, see if he actually changed because talk is cheap. He can tell you he's changed and he loves and respects you, he's sorry about his bad behavior and wants to make it all up to you. So tell him you might be willing to take another shot with it, but that you wanna take things slow and you want to get to know the "new him" first so you won't end up hurt again.

  • Don't let old emotions control your actions. this boy didn't know how to respect you or your family and shouldn't be in your life. If you were so important in his life he wouldn't have messed things up in the first place. remember many people can act as if they changed for a few weeks and go back to their old ways.. give yourself and your family the respect you all deserve!

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