Should I tell him that I like him?

I really like this friend of mine and I think he may like me too. Should I tell him? What if he doesn't like me? Would it be awkward or creepy if I told him in that case?

GUYS: What hints or things that girls do that helps you pick up on if they might like you? Is there any way that I could maybe tell him without actually saying it but he'll still get the message?


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  • Dude, girl. Conventional female wisdom would dictate that you not expose your hand. Don't let him know. If he knows how you feel, you have less power over him, they say. Power is really important in relationships, they say.

    But who wants a power imbalance in their romantic relationships?

    Clearly, you know about this. You want to be subtle, and hint. Make it seem like his idea.

    He'd be the active agent and you helpless to meet your own needs otherwise.

    There's no green zone for hinting to effectively work. And, what kind of relationship is that? Where one member communicates exclusively with fortune cookies. Can you imagine being on the receiving end of that? Yuck. And all those broken cookies too.

    It's unlikely that after the revelation that you really like him, that the relationship will remain the same. It could fall anywhere between: It gets much better for you and him, or, it ends. It's a spectrum. The result will be in there somewhere.

    It's scary to tell the truth, to bear your heart. Mean people will jam a stick in it a twist, but good people, well, they're good and something positive will come from it.

    It's probably best to sit down with him somewhere and talk. Probably not in the middle of everyone, break off from the group as a couple and talk. You're looking to initiate a conversation, where you talk about how you feel about him, and -- this is important, how he feels about you, and what to do from there.

    It can be tough, it can be really tough. It would be equally difficult for him to do the same thing. The genders aren't so different in that respect, both are thinking, feeling humans. You're not so different from him, regardless of what they say.

    He can't read your mind, just the same as you can't read his mind.

    When is the soonest date you can talk to him privately and in person?


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  • You could find a way to kiss him accidentally and see how it goes. Tell him you kinda liked it ;) haha. But I would recommend something more obvious than subtle. The risks will always be there. Ask him if he likes anyone and tell him you like someone is a good one lol.

  • Think of it this way If you don't tell him then it will suck for you because you will always wonder what if. If you do tell him and he rejects you then it will suck for both of you. If he returns your feelings then you have a shot at being happy. You have two options and one is automatic failure so go for it.

  • Guys don't take hints! Stop trying to queer us up with deep thoughts and sophistication. Just walk up to him and kiss him on the cheek and tell him you like him. Guys like any girl that likes them and isn't a circus freak.

  • in case common sense just isn't getting through...


    tell him

  • hmm tell him because you never know what will happend.. everthing happends for a reason and if he don't like you than he don't but it will change everthing between uguys. you can say lest go to the movies.. unless uguys allrdy do that...

    theirs no ways he will have more respect for you if you went out ad told him how ufeel

    have you seen out of the friendx zone? go on a few dates look beautiful and at the end of the day tell him how you feel about him and he will let you know

  • I'm pretty sure most guys would love it if you told them straightforward that you like them! I sure would! I suggest you tell him and leave it at that for a bit!

    Honestly, it's kind of difficult picking up on signals women give off if they like you because they think of ways to flirt differently than what guys do. Guys are more direct about it than women. Women tend to dance around it, hoping the guy notices, which many times he won't.

    Good luck! Tell us how it ends up! Go ahead and ask him out, if you have enough courage to do so!

  • girls turn down guys easy, but guys rarely turn down girls even if he's attracted to her or not. knowing a girl likes you is sometimes enough to build attraction for guys. if you have a mutual friend, he/she(preferably she) can do recon for you and even let it slip that you might be into the guy.

  • Sure, smiling, constant touching on the arms, hands, shoulders etc...even make your cleavage more available to him...but not to others...hang around him and get to know his friends..tell one of them of your feelings and it will get back to him...then if he's interested he will pass that along...if not, that's harm done and you can remain friends...

  • You may have to just str8 up tell him

  • I accidentally plucked an ass hair into my mouth while I was eating popcorn and nearly threw up!

    • Sorry that was totally uncalled for

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