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I need help figuring out some songs, help?

so I sing karaoke weekly and I am told I have a low pitch voice so I can sing sweet caroline and stuff like that, anyone got some more I could do?

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  • I don't really know what kind of songs work well for KaraokeIf you can do Sweet Caroline, try some other Neil Diamond songs. I like Solitary Man and He Ain't Heavy.It's a different vocal range, but I think some Meat Loaf songs would be good in a lower pitch.Bill Withers - Ain't No SunshineIf I were A Carpenter - Take your pick of singersGeorge Gershwin - SummertimeUsually sung by women by I think it would be good in a lower register. Probably hard to pull off, but would be really cool if you can do it.Bob Seger - Turn The Page, Against The WindJames Taylor - Fire and Rain

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  • "let's get it on" by Barrey Matalow. haha:)

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