How do you show affection without smothering somebody? How can you tell when you're becoming too needy?

I've been getting involved with a girl recently and things are going really well. I don't feel like we've ever crossed the line where either of us are being at all needy or smothering. However, she's quite shy, and it can be difficult to tell exactly how she feels. We don't see each other... Show More

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  • if you feel that way. just go ahead and tell her. or chat up like" how are u" something like that.

    if she feels the same way, then she wouldn't feel needy. maybe she is not sure how you feel about her either. Life is too short for all those waitings, trust me.

    • i agree with her, just tell her, I miss you when you do simple as that its not needy its honest, needy is when the other person don't let the other have their own space...