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Interested in a guy. How do I bring up the idea of hanging out?

I'm a hairstylist. This guy has came and got his haircut from me (or another coworker of mine, that he knows, if I'm not there) for a few times now.... Show More

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  • Well the next time you give him a hair cut compliment his style if he looks really good in his clothes and tell him you know just the haircut. Then suggest maybe it would go better with a scarf or something then suggest a place and say if you don't know where it is I can show you after work. This will hint you're interested.

    Or like when you're cutting his hair listen to what he has to say and add input or experiences that you had that relate to it. Connect with him, find some way to talk/spend time with him.

    And how often does he come to get his hair cut? O_O... it might just be him trying to see someone at the place you work at, if he does come often and heis hair hasn't grown all that much. Pay attention to where his eyes go, its one of the most noticeable things to follow.

What Guys Said 3

  • If he has everything together it most likely means that he is single haha.

  • ask him what do girls think of his haircut, use that as feedback. and go with the flow. sneak in what type of hobbies he does.

  • You're a hairdresser and don't know how to start up a conversation? I thought that was covered in hairdressing 101 because every haircut I get, the chick talks her head off. I've been asked if I have a girlfriend before. You always ask how they want their hair cut, right? You might ask if he has a girlfriend and then if yes ask how she likes his hair cut and if no, you will know what to do.

    • Yeah lol I know every hairdresser I've ever had male or female have just talked a lot but I think she means more intimate conversation ha ha covered in hairdressing 101 :D.

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  • Ask him to hang out. It doesn't have to be complicated.

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