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He knows I like him, what do I do?!

So my friend Nicole messaged The guy I like, Zaid, and she told him that I like him and If he liked me back .. He said "Umm Idk! I kinda like her"... Show More

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  • First rule, never let your friends do the dirty work. It puts your crush in a tough spot and you might not even get a accurate or good answer. Best is to just carry on like you usually would. Don't act any different now because if you do you'll likely make it even more awkward than it already is. If you messaged him often then don't stop now. If he acts weird about it then just give him some time to process everything. Don't push him. He knows how you feel, now it's in his hands where it will lead to.

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  • just text him like normal, an unless he brings it up pretend it never happened.

  • Just go with it, honey! What could be better than a guy knowing you like him? Isn't this what girls love? Dig it!

  • It might be awkward.

  • Say hey I'm sorry about what my friend said and if it embarrassed you.. or anything I've just been talking about how great I think you are..and was woundering if you liked me back maybe?

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