What does it mean if my ex calls private and says hi and good bye and then hangs up?

It's has been two years since spoke to my ex .

After the break up we did not speak at all .

I sent her an email saying how much of an ass hole I was and that am sorry for everything. She immediately calls my best friend and tell him to tell me not to ever contact her. She know a lot about my sexuality and childhood traumatizing experiences. I get a call private I recognized her voice ... She says. Hi and goodbye then hangs up.

What does that mean ?

Should I be worried?


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  • She be going up in your grill to throw some revenge on that pretty face of yours to make your heart skip a beat, then slam that face down on the table while running off going YOLO!

    In other words, it's a mind game that's not worth playing even if it was supposed to be a hint that she wants you back. In the end, she is feeling empowered when you're hurting, and that's not what a caring and sane person would do.

    If she did date you again, that action is a big sign that she would probably be unstable of either her emotions or logic and make you suffer what you did in the past no matter how many times you apologize.


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  • It means your ex is crazy.

    I don't know why you would be worried

    She may have just wanted to talk but was scared, like wanted to hear your voice.

  • Well... that may mean.. she got the wrong number possibly and then realized it was yours and was like oh crap gotta say bye now! lol... OR she called you said hi and hung up because.. she wants you to make the next move and call her back.. maybe she's embarassed talking with you cause of the break up

    I think this could be her hinting that she wants to talk to you lol... but is just too afraid to do it based on your supposed reaction.. this is like her telling you "hey I'm calling you.. see I called I wanna talk" and now your supposed to call her if she's like "ugh didn't really wanna talk to you" than be like "oh well at least now I know"

    dont worry too much

  • It means you should look under your bed before going to sleep tonight lol.

    Honestly though, it sounds like she's a tad bit touched in the head. I'd try not to over think it but certainly don't try and pursue contact.

  • She's crazy, or she pussied out on what she was going to say.

  • she thinks she's funny. don't be worried she's just weird. she probably laughs like crazy when she hangs up. its a prank call. its immature.

    • after 2 years?!

      if that's true -I doubt it- then you girls win the ultimate prize for being super epic cruel !

    • woahhh I didn't ay I agreed with her. I'm just saying she seems weird

  • That is funny. Don't be worried, she is just thinking of you. Funny girl.

  • least your man enough to say hey look I'm sorry. she couldve accepted and said ty I'm sorry too (if needed) but I just can't b friends anymore, end of story.

    she wana be a bitch and play cat games on the phone like a child

  • Idk why everyone is calling her dumb/stupid/drunk etc

    I personally think she misses you and wanted to hear your voice

    But at the same time doesn't want to talk to you, because

    Of the breakup that accrued, I think she's trying to

    Give you a little hint that she still thinks about u, and maybe

    U should massager her or call her sometime, just say hi...

    Life is too short to be mad at someone you still love (if you do idk)

    Hope that helps...

  • She wants to F***:)

  • Don't be worried. She either still has feelings for you, is crazy, or wants to accept your apology ar my assumptions.

  • That chick's crazy

  • She's cray cray baby! But guys tend to like a little crazy!

  • sound like someone was drunk dialing

  • sounds like she's playin games and just want to hear your voice but don't know what to say to u

  • She is either not over you or she is completly crazy. Take your pick.

  • This is hard to predict her action. I think she called to see if you would pick up her call and once you did she decided to hang up. It was like a test or some kind of crazy ming game to me.

  • uhh I don't know maybe she likes you chasing her and she enjoys turning you down..? idk... You can't be too sure that was her that called.


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