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What are some Grinding turn-ons for girls

What are some turn ons for girls while grinding? Does grabbing their boobs turn them on? Is there a way to grab girls boobs that is a turn on while... Show More

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  • We got a boob man over here, guys!This is at a school dance, I take it. Good luck grinding at one of those lol. Anyway, a more subtle thing to do would put your hands not on her hips, but kind of hold her there by the inside of her thighs. And kissing her on the side of her neck by her collarbone would work.

    • Lol

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  • only a turn on if he's hot

  • it totally differs from girl to girl...even just kissing can be a huge turn on, kissing her on her neck for example.

    • I get turned on if they kiss my neck while grinding:)

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