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What is the most important thing in a man?

What is the most important thing in a man?____________________

This question has a poll!

In poll penis(22%) is more important than the brain(15%) The most important is character(41%).

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  • Girls offline of GaG: their heartGirls on GaG: their pocketbook + di.ck size

    • Most girls actually don't care about penis size so long as it isn't super teeny tiny. It's mostly GUYS that care about that. As far as money goes some girls are golddiggers, but not most.

    • No I agree with you lol. I just find that on gag, the answers are usually more superficial (from guys as well, but this question was asking women sooo)

  • Heat -> in like the rapper sense of the term ^^

  • Security, protect, devotion..No homo.

  • Great question. I'm interested to see the responses and how well they align with the reality of how women behave in the world.