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Who are your favorite characters on true blood?

true blood is one of my favorite shows and I wanted to see who is a fan also. with so many characters since they never kill anybody off,who is your... Show More

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What Girls Said 8

  • The werewolf named Joe :>

    I don't watch it but I do watch him

    The guy from SVU seemed like a cool vampire :)

    • until they killed him,i wish they would have keeped him.

    • lol nooooo I didn't know they did that :) oh well then

      Oh and fav lady is Sookie

    • sookie is the best.

  • ericcccccccc :p omg he is so cute and hot and :o :o

  • The show is amazing. I strongly recommend seeking out the books by Charlene Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse series the show is based off of. If Eric and Sookie are your favorites, the books are the way to go. The show skims the surface.

    My favorite is Sam, from the books. The show portrays him all wrong, but that's how these things go.

  • ERIC Northman is MINE! <3

  • I used to watch that show but not anymore. My favorite was Sookie and Bill.

    • why don't you anymore?

    • Lost interest because of the story lines.

  • All the guys are hot:)

  • Mine are eric and sookie as well.

What Guys Said 3

  • Godric. and Russell Edgington (simply because he was hilarious)

  • Eric fo sho!

  • I can't stand Sookie. Or Bill.

    Pam is great. Eric is at his best when interacting with Pam. Pam even made Tara tolerable.

    Jessica is pretty good too. She's a good foil for Jason.

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