Ovulation? controlling?

if your boyfriend is keeping track of your ovulation schedule is that normal? I've never known a guy to know that or keep up with. my boyfriend told me its because he's very mature and I've never been with someone who thinks of all these things but it kind of makes me uncomfortable. does that make him controlling?


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  • Controlling? Hell no.

    We want to know when you're gonna act all b*tchy and mouthy with us. Or when you're gonna be in the mood.

    Knowing a girl's cycle makes us feel better because we can understand her better that way.

    And it's also a good way to keep a relationship intact, because we CARE about you. We CARE how you're feeling.

    By understanding a girl's hormones, we won't lose control of our emotions when you start complaining about your cramps, or how 'ugly' you feel about yourself.

    Would you rather deal with an insensitive, understanding guy, or a sensitive guy who will flip his lid the moment you say something pessimistic?

    God forbid.

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  • Nope. When he's tracking your ovulation, perhaps he just wants to know the right time to sleep with you so that you won't get pregnant.

    • thanks for your response I appreciate it. I think your completely right

  • I assure you I would track it too. On an app... Ask me how I know about this. I want to know when the really dangerous days of conception are in the month and I also want to know when to expect aunt flo... or if she was late. Controlling, I can't see how it is. I can track it without you knowing and the girls I have tracked it with never did know. I knew how long the menses lasted, when to expect it and if they were late. It is a pretty responsible thing really.

    Responsible and controlling are not one in the same.

    Best of health to you.


  • My guess is he is going to try to make sure you are BOTH ready for a baby if you bring one into the world. Controlling? Maybe, and maybe we need more like him.

    Good Luck,


  • Sorry, but that sounds weird and controlling to me...

  • Lmao, it could be:

    A,he's just curious and wants to know. Were guys and don't have open plumbing, curiosity!

    B, he wants to learn what days to avoid you ripping his head off his shoulders for leaving the toilet seat up(avoiding pms symptoms)

    C, know what days to "pull out" or let the d*** tell the condom:"cover me I'm going in!" to avoid the baby making process.

    D, all of the above.

    I will go with D! Is my guess, now I've got a big fat joint that I must smoke now so good luck and congratulations on your man taking a deeper interest past your vagina and now into your uterus. Maybe someday he will make his way up to your heart. :P

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  • Sounds like he wants to avoid children. I personally find it intelligent. I keep track of mine and tell him because I know we both care about them. I have a feeling if we ever were to split (not actually foreseeably likely really) but he would have grown to enjoy the security of that knowledge and would try to find ways to keep up with it. It's a nice peace of mind...knowing that info. If YOU had a way to track when your boyfriend would be emotionally off balance...and know when he was most likely to impregnate you, you don't think you'd keep up with it? Pregnancy and emotional states are both really good things to keep in consideration. Think of it as his way of wanting to know when to be a little more tolerant and nicer.