Is she possibly cheating?

I have two guys that I'm sketched out with my girlfriend because she is constantly texting them. The first one lives in my city and he is constantly trying to hang out with my girlfriend but she never does because she is always with me well one day I had been busy, she goes to the movies with him his brother and her own brother and she never told me anything about it until her brother had mentioned it two days later, so I confronted her and I said that he is probably going to start liking you because he is always trying to hang out with her, now I his brother knows that she is dating me but I don't know if he knows that she is dating me (note: she told me that she didn't sit next to him at the movies). So then he is always texting but she barely answers and one day she sends me a screen shot of him saying "Ill stop messin around. I want you. Nothing serious, just fun, simple and steady. I like being around you, hope you do too. Have a good day Jordan :)" then she but wtf.. under the picture. So I don't know what that means, like maybe she is telling me that so I don't worry about it, or idk. Then there is another guy that is much worse but he lives 4-5 hours away from us and she met him, I don't know how, but she told me that they Skyped all through the summer which I didn't start dating her til 2 months after, and one day I began to get sketched, so I looked at her text with him, it was very short talk and I checked it Januray 24 and the last real texting was January 9 and they were like flirting, she was like "ok ill talk to you tomorrow, good night boo" and he be like love you and she put love you too boo with a cute emoji. and so she put him and 3 other guys names to Don't Reply, and she just now recently changed his name from that to Benjy... are you F*******ing kidding me. Like I don't know what this stuff means, but this kid calls randomly, but she never answers his calls (unless she deletes her calls) and she did stop texting him and he sent, hey I'm going to stop talking to you if you don't respond, I'm just checking to see if your alright. then she responds two days later when she gets mad at me and says sorry, no I'm still alive. AND I'm OVER THINKING "wait aren't you supposed to not respond to him?" tF is going on. I don't know what to do.


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  • it doesn't sund as though she has a eep commitment t you, does it? sounds like she'll do whatever is convenient, for HER..without regard to anything she may have promised you about any other guy.

    I don't know if she's cheating, but she certainly is open to suggestions..!


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  • she wants the attention

    she doesn't respect you or your boundaries

    you can have friends when in a relationship but once those "friends" make it clear they have hidden motives its times to step bnack


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  • She is an attention hoe. You are insecure and almost controlling and need more of a backbone but also in a silent way. I suggest moving on and taking all of this with a grain of salt. I suspect she does not respect you and is testing you. You are most likely reacting just the way she wants you to. Leave and leave with a smile. link