To the women that like short guys

ladies, what makes you attracted to guys that are of short stature?


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  • I like guys who are at least a few inches taller than me (I'm 5'3") but I do prefer short guys over tall guys. I guess a few inches taller than my height is considered short for adults, but I'm in high school so some guys are that height and aren't considered short. But I prefer shorter guys over tall guys, just because I don't really care for tall guys that much. I don't really know why, I just don't. My last crush was about my height, so he was really short, but I liked him because of his personality and because his face was still really cute. I also think that it would be easier to wrap my arms around a shorter guy's neck than it would be to wrap them around a tall guy's neck. When it all comes down to it though, it depends on the personality and face; then height won't matter. My current crush is tall and I like I said I don't like tall guys, and he's the 1st tall guy I've ever liked, but I still like him.

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  • Like the first girl to answer. He is an inch shorter than me! I have always been with guys that are six foot something and so I am 5'7. I first met him and he got out of his car and I was thinking it was a deal breaker but, To my surprise... I have never loved a man more than him! We even have a 10 month old together :) He is amazing and sexy!

  • actually my fiance is my height if not a inch or two shorter. I usually go for tall guys but I really liked this man so the height didn't even matter, although It sucks because I feel like I can't wear high heels around him but its not that important to me :P

    • why can't you wear heels around him? if I may ask

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    • I guess I ever really thought about it as a issue. :) I was just trying to respect him.

    • thats understandable but its good though he doesn't mind you wearing heels when you're with him

  • Well, I'm a short girl myself (only five feet tall) so I usually get shorter guys. A taller guy is difficult to kiss and things can get awkward. But to tell you the truth, height isn't that important to me. If he's got a great smile, sense of humor, and is fun to be around, then I could care less how tall he is. When I like someone, I'm attracted to the guy, not his height.

  • Are you attracted to a particular height or is it the girl?

    I would think girls are attracted to the guy, not "guys under 5.6 are so hot!"

  • They are cute, and the ones that don't have "little man syndrome" are generally good humble people. Also short guys can be just as cute as tall guys, for me anyway. It's all about hair and face

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