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How to get my purchases back?

So I downloaded the new iOS today, and because Apple is gay my iPod touch had to be restored. Because I purchased several apps and music the week... Show More

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  • Just go back to apps and to the page of the app you downloaded and download it again

What Girls Said 3

  • Contact Apple and they'll do it for you. When my computer crashed I would tell them and they would make it available to me to re-download.

  • what' that mean be "restored"? Would it on turn on at all? If so you just have to make do with what you got... there was probably no other way for them to fix it...

What Guys Said 2

  • Cant you just sign into the same apple id and redownload it?

    • Tried

  • Yea, if you go the page for the app(s) in question, you should be able to just download them again. Apple keeps a list of everything purchased on your account, so it won't charge you. The purchased section just puts them all in one place.

    For future reference though, you always need to backup before doing any operating system or firmware update. If you have iCloud set up, or if you upgraded through your computer, you should have a recent backup to restore from. Did you select an option like "Restore from backup"?

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