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Why won't anyone hire me?

So for starters. NO ONE WILL HIRE ME. NO ONE. Since the very day I turned 16, I’ve applied for about 50 different jobs. No one calls me back. No one.... Show More

Got a job interview next Monday, and it looks like my chances of getting it are pretty high. And got my wonderful boyfriend who will be by my side no matter what. I'd say I'm pretty happy with life right now. Which is a first. :']
Never got the job. :(
Guess I should focus on graduating my last year of high school first and then going from there.

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  • Perhaps you should start by looking at your resume.Since your friend got a job then perhaps you could ask her if you can take a look at her resume and compare and see if you can get some tips from it. You could also search the internet for "how to write a good resume". There is a lot of info about those things.

    • I don't have a resume.

    • Well... whatever information you leave to your potential employer could need revision.

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  • Didn't get my first job until I was 19. The problem was lack of experience and good references, so I went around asking companies if they were looking for someone who was willing to work for free (needed the work experience for the course I was taking anyway). Once that was over, I finally had the experience and good references. Started applying for jobs again, a week later, got my first job.You should try to ask around a few businesses out there if they're keen for someone willing to work for free for a while (yeah, it's a real bitch, I know), get some work experience out of that. Hopefully they like you and end up hiring you. If not, at least you now have some experience and references to add to your resume for the next time you apply for a job.

    • Well I got my first ever interview on Monday and I'm now 18, will be 19 in July.

    • Congrats and good luck! Hope you get it. :)

  • 1. Your resume is poorly constructed or you didn't answer the assessment questions with the right mindset.2. You are too picky with your availability.3. You have no references.4. Your personal habits and mannerisms aren't appealing to employers (I'm guessing it shows in your assessment answers).5. There's an outside chance these employers checked your online profiles and didn't like what they see. I can't prove they do this, however it would be naive to assume they never look.

    • saw*

    • I don't have a resume because I've never worked.I put down that I will work whatever hours they want me to work. Of course I have no references.

    • You can still have a resume even with no work experience. You just have to showcase your strengths and accomplishments. Nobody is going to care about your application if it's blank and you don't have the heart to sell yourself.You do have references. You can use a teacher, a friend, or someone you know who works for said business.There are many positions that don't discriminate based on a lack of work experience. You can collect shopping carts and mop floors. You can't be picky.

  • Start volunteering at places to get something on your resume.

  • I have a pre-paid tracfone that I only use for work related instances.So, I guess I'm in the half that wouldn't die without a cellphone. I do know what it's like to tell someone that I only text and don't talk on the phone because I don't want to waste minutes. Whenever someone finds out I have a tracfone, I usually get asked, why don't I get a contract phone... At time it can be a bit embarrassing, but at the end of the day, it's my money and I find that I end up saving a lot more money with a tracfone than with a contract phone. I started out volunteering when I was 17, and I have never gotten a job where I had to apply. Every job that I applied for I was denied, but then again I haven't applied for a job in 4 years. Every job that I have ever earned money for I got by knowing someone. My last job, before the one I have right now, I started out as a volunteer. I volunteered there for a year, and then after that year I asked to be a paid employee and wouldn't you know . . they hired me. Oh, and please keep in mind that if you do volunteer, work your ass off. I have seen volunteers "fired" because they think that because they volunteered that they can just half-ass it at work. If you work your ass off as a volunteer and you like working there, then ask to be a paid employee.

    • Oh, and on your applications. Do you follow up on your apps? Most companies will see an application and if they never get a follow up call, then they tend to think that you don't care about getting the job that badly, so they look for someone else to hire. The reason companies do this is to find out which people are actually wanting to work for them vs a person that is just filling out applications and sending them in. They deal with many apps weekly and it lets them know how bad you want it.

    • Yes which is why I finally got a call back.

    • Congratulations!

  • they won't even bother with your resume if you don't have any experience on it. that's probably the problem. looks like you'll have to start at the bottom flipping burgers a micky d's.

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  • Do the jobs no one else wants...orMake work..Shovel snow.Walk DogsCut GrassBaby sit..and If you were truly desperate, you'd consider the sex industry.Stripping, p*rn, massage...I have a job, and before I moved back home, money was tight enough that I was talking to a friend of mine that strips and works in a rub-n-tug about maybe getting a side job...

    • You were actually considering working as a stripper or at one of them seedy massage parlours? :/

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    • When I was starting to consider it, I was single.. and then I got a boyfriend, and he didn't like the idea too much.

    • Not trying to sound like the Good Angel here, but that didn't sound like the right thing (I know you needed the money, but there are other ways) to do anyway... you're better than that. Good thing your boyfriend stepped in to the picture lol

  • It's a couple of cents a minute. I think that is fair compared to spending the money to pay for your phone. BUT, I do understand where you're coming from thinking that you don't have the money so why waste it. I'm having the same trouble getting a job! It's frustrating. Just don't forget that your applications DO expire.

  • You get the job yet?

    • Yeah I made it, and I got the job. But I have to go back tomorrow and talk to another guy.

  • As people have said, look at creating a good resume sub-headings such as Personal details, Education/Qualifications, Demonstrated Compentencies, etc. Make sure you also have good character references too. I've also heard that there can be certain things outside of an application that deter employers from hiring someone, e.g. an inappropriate email address like backdoorslut@hotmail.com or something will make most employers shy away.I'd also suggest that you have any internet social networking accounts switched to private and that there aren't any obscene half naked photos on it. Apparently this is another technqiue companies use to assess the worthiness of candidates . God luck.

  • Hmmm cell phones weren't even affordable when I was your age. In fact I barely got one at 19 because I broke down on a remote road with no way to call anyone. And since he makes the money he can do what he wants with it. If this is the way you present yourself I know as a hiring manager I wouldn't hire you at all, and I prefer people that this is their first job since you don't have to unlearn anything.Lastly with the rules on minors getting so stringent a lot of people say they hire at 16, but really don't until you are 18. The fines for even one minute over are 10k PER OFFENCE. So if you work 3 hours and one minute on a school night you cost the company a 10,000 dollar fine, plus someone's job probably. Most people don't want to have that chance. The best place to look would be Chik-fil-a since they do a lot of hiring for teenagers. Or babysit. I used to do a lot of babysitting when I was under 16 and made really good money. You just have to find a family that needs you regularly. Then do really good and they will tell their friends about you.

    • I'm not 16 anymore. I'm 18 and not in school anymore.

    • Wow I actually find that shocking. That rant sounded more like my friends 15 year old than an 18 year old. Perhaps that is why. I only hire adults that actually act like it. If you don't you won't last.

    • But I have an interview on Monday.

  • Cell phones weren't around when I was your age, so I do know what it's like to not have one. I've also been broke before and it sucks. Sorry you're frustrated with your situation. I hope things turn around. I don't know why you aren't getting any interviews ... it's hard to say without knowing more details. Jobs are scarce right now. Keep putting in applications, make sure you are well groomed and polite when you come to ask for them and make sure to mention to all of your friend and family that you're looking for something, in case they happen to stumble across an opening somewhere.

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