Why won't anyone hire me?

So for starters. NO ONE WILL HIRE ME. NO ONE. Since the very day I turned 16, I’ve applied for about 50 different jobs. No one calls me back. No one. I really need a job. Ya know I see all these people with jobs who don’t really need them. I mean everyone needs a job. That’s not exactly what I... Show More

Got a job interview next Monday, and it looks like my chances of getting it are pretty high. And got my wonderful boyfriend who will be by my side no matter what. I'd say I'm pretty happy with life right now. Which is a first. :']
Never got the job. :(
Guess I should focus on graduating my last year of high school first and then going from there.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Perhaps you should start by looking at your resume.

    Since your friend got a job then perhaps you could ask her if you can take a look at her resume and compare and see if you can get some tips from it. You could also search the internet for "how to write a good resume". There is a lot of info about those things.

    • I don't have a resume.

    • Well... whatever information you leave to your potential employer could need revision.