What's one product on the market right now that you think is overpriced?

i think perfumes are overly priced and should be cheaper! for fragrances just made in a laboratory its crazy to pay up to $100 for a one oz-3 oz bottle.


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  • In addition to a couple of excellent answers, I'm going to say designer clothing.

    I love magazine ads where a model is wearing a plain T-shirt that "only" costs $250, or jeans that cost $500. I lose my mind paying $45 for Levi's on sale; you'd have to be on crack to buy jeans for $500. Not even if I was a billionaire.

    I grant you that some stuff that I buy that is on the expensive side is actually worth it. UnderArmour hi-tech fabrics really do work, and they are worth the money to me, not because of the brand name, but because of the function. But I buy generic versions when I can.

    • i agree. clothing is the biggest waste of money.

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  • Since you had questions about the diamond industry (aka De Beers), you should read this 1982 article. Nothing substantial has changed; the De Beers corp has continued to buy out any new diamond finds that are discovered so that they can maintain tight control of the market.


    • so they own mother nature because they got to it first?

    • They have bought out the mineral rights to nearly every known producing diamond mine. Courts recognize property rights, not "mother nature", and diamonds have to be mined, which is both dangerous and expensive. It's not like you just go pick them up off the ground.

  • Printer ink is more expensive than perfume.

    Any iprank is more expensive than it's non Apple competitor. But some people would by ipaper to wipe their behind if it cost $25 more than Walmart paper and has an apple on it.

  • CONDOMS :-D I think these should be given free of cost from the tax payers money and delivered free with every news paper even to those who don't subscribe to news papers - every government's effort to at least beat STDs where one can

    As of fragrances or designer clothes or cars or any such stuff, I LOVE them and think every one of them are priced for what they are worth. If I think they aren't worth it, I won't buy them :-D. it's the brand that sells and brand comes from quality that goes through a lot of research :)

    • i don't know I think perfumes can be a bit more affordable =/ like $20 bucks cheaper than they are the one oz or 1.7 oz sizes piss me off the most theyre usually like 15 bucks off from the large 3.4 oz

    • There are economy range perfumes available too but it depends on who wants to afford what :)

      When I buy perfumes I check on the brand, what I like, how does it wear on me and affect others. Hence, when I buy them I think they are worth it :)

  • Flights, speciall;y those over seas.

  • anything where the benefits doesn't justify the price you paid despite the overwhelming demand for the product

  • Everything...

  • Dates without benefits.

    • player. why don't you go find yourself a whore rather than take a lady out to a nice dinner? you're out with the wrong women bro. -_-

  • Printer ink cartridges

    • true that! like its just ink why so pricy? lol

    • The ink is costly because that's where they make their money. The printer itself (especially ink jets) are sold at or even below cost as a loss leader, with the money being made by selling ink refills. This is a common sales technique for commodity products made famous by Gillette, who gave away fancy razor handles so you'd pay for expensive razor blade refills.

  • Diamonds.

    • haha I agree I'm a girl and yes I think diamonds are pretty but I wouldn't notice a difference between a $500 ring vs a $12,000 ring.

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    • so all the jewelry stores get their product from debeers?

    • Pretty much.

  • Bottled water. 4,000% markup

    I like ebay for things that are overpriced in stores. I just bought a bunch of stuff for 1-2$ each on ebay, virtually identical quality, and the same stuff in camera stores is like 10-15$ each!

    • Absolutely. People are morons for buying bottled water, especially in the US, which has some of the best tap water on the planet. Bottled water costs more a gallon (in the sizes most people buy it in) than gasoline, and gas is FAR harder to get and then make from crude oil.

    • I only drink bottled water when there's no tap available

  • Internet service charges in the USA, for the speed they give compared to other countries.

  • i'm not sure about this but ithought perfume lasts a year? I don't think it's overpriced at all.

    it makes a girl seem so much more attractive if she smells good.

    i think belts are overpriced. I have a belt worth a coupld hundred dollars not sure how much my dad bought it for me, but belts aren't really visible so I don't know why they cost so much.

    oh and dvds. do people not realize no one buys them anymore? make them 5 dollars each..

  • Clothing that isn't even that great is super overpriced.

  • Prices are based on what people will pay for them, availability of the good, or cost to produce the product. Everything is priced appropriately.

  • cigarettes. seriously, half the price is in tax and half the remaining is markup.

    • branded product costs 10% or less of product and 90% of merchandising and profit

    • No, the government(s) make more than the tobacco store or the manufacturer. The manufacturer makes on an average of 2 to 3.00 a pack. Tobacco store owner. Less than a dollar to a dollar and a half, the rest goes to the government(s) steal.

    • yeah, the actual non-taxed value of a pack is $1. $2 mark up, $3 tax. (depending on state)

  • Girlfriends

  • Diamonds. Totally brilliant marketing by "the diamond industry".

    • whats the diamond industry exactly? I've always wondered how they acquire the diamonds like do owners actually go digging? lol

    • Google De Beers

  • Electronics.

  • Yes colognes are overpriced; basically, you're just paying for a fancy name brand. Buy cheap- its the same stuff.

  • Gasoline

  • That hooker I got last Wed. The biggest waste of $5 I have ever spent. High class my asss..

  • nearly any apple product especially their computers.

    • their phones too are grossly overpriced in Europe. Americans seem to lease them from phone companies, without realising how much they really pay.

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    • my dumbass friend paid full price for an iphone like $900 cause she didn't want to sign a phone contract, but if she got the contract and lets say wanted to cancel it, it would only cost her a $200 fee. so why pay nearly a grand for the iphone?!

    • hmm. interesting. I'll have to read the fine print on the contracts. the cancellation fee plus the $100 or $200 for the phone might be cheaper than the phone upfront. thanks.

  • Gas

    • Should get way more upvotes!

    • Considering all of the work and effort it takes to get to the oil and then refine it into gasoline, gas is pretty inexpensive.

  • An overpriced product only stays on the market briefly. It's a self-correcting problem. Perfumes are "overpriced" because people pay what sellers are asking. They are by definition, then, priced appropriately.

  • Apple products, ANY type of clothing at ANY mall, Starbucks anything

    • totally agree! especially clothing omg how pathetic. most clothing items I see in malls and high end stores are made in india, venezuela or china probably costs $2 to produce and a sweater can go up to $40.

    • Any branded product costs 10% of product and 90% of merchandising.

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  • Starbucks coffee, the building is literally right by my apartment area. I never go there unless my cousin forcibly grabs me by my arm and drags me over there. I just get sad a little in the inside that I'm wasting my money on a drink that I can go buy at Wal-Mart, which is literally right beside of my apartment! and get coffee ice cream and mix it in a blender, I get more out of it and less money to spend :) Even their desserts are overprices at Starbucks, they don't even taste that great for one thing that is like 3 bucks? they better be organic or super healthy if I'm going to pay for a small snack that is 3 dollars.

    • yea their food and desserts are disgusting. totally agree. the only think I splurge on once every 6 months in caramel machiatto.

    • I actually did the math one day and starbucks coffee costs more than oil

    • I know! its ridiculous

  • I think certain perfumes are worth the price >.< My mom gave me Chanel No. 5 for Christmas and my boyfriend bought me Mademoiselle...

    Gas is pretty pricey. Also, fruits and vegetables and most health food in general is over priced, though I'm willing to pay the price.

  • Apple products, especially their laptops.

    • yea their laptops are sh*t, I used my sisters macbook and I couldn't stand it. too many windows and buttons my hp is so much more simple

  • Gasoline.