What's one product on the market right now that you think is overpriced?

i think perfumes are overly priced and should be cheaper! for fragrances just made in a laboratory its crazy to pay up to $100 for a one oz-3 oz bottle.


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  • In addition to a couple of excellent answers, I'm going to say designer clothing.

    I love magazine ads where a model is wearing a plain T-shirt that "only" costs $250, or jeans that cost $500. I lose my mind paying $45 for Levi's on sale; you'd have to be on crack to buy jeans for $500. Not even if I was a billionaire.

    I grant you that some stuff that I buy that is on the expensive side is actually worth it. UnderArmour hi-tech fabrics really do work, and they are worth the money to me, not because of the brand name, but because of the function. But I buy generic versions when I can.

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      i agree. clothing is the biggest waste of money.