Why is this stupid guy in denial?

right, my partner, love him to bits yeah, but.. he never accepts responsibility, and never see's himself doing anything wrong, he just goes, what have I done wrong? I Haven't done anything etc? he doesn't see what he does and that, he thinks he's something perfect? WHAT THE HELL.


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  • First explain what he did was wrong and why? But honestly if a man is going to be a man in a relationship I don't believe you should do that in every case, there has to be a sense of self accountability somewhere in his being. But honestly some of us don't because some of us haven't been raised in homes where that's taught(not saying that's the case in your situation). What makes a man a man is him coming to the realization that responsibility is priority...Meaning even if its not his fault he sometimes has to take the blame, because every time we blame the girl her worth and beauty diminishes in our eyes.. Take a step back and observe his behavior, does he clean up behind himself, how does he respond to the authority in his life (mom/dad/boss,etc.) and see if responsibility is his priority.


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  • a have to sit him down and explain to him slowly and in detail. Guys aren't born understanding the ins and outs of what a girl might find 'wrong.'

    It's up to you to teach him!

  • Some people are just self centered and egocentric don't want to take blame or responsibility for anything wrong that they do. So, they say they don't ever do anything wrong.

  • if you don't tell him what he has done wrong. How would he know? It is your responsibility to tell someone when they offend you. It is not that person's responsibility to censor their actions feeling and thoughts if they don't know they hurt you. Tell him what he did wrong. Don't get upset when he doesn't know. because even though some times it would be nice to have a mnetal connection with your partner(sometimes...) It isn't currently possible.

  • My ex was the same way.She blamed me for every thing I got to where I ignored her when she tried to start a fight. then she tipped my 60" flat screen off my gaming center. Right in front of my friends said I did it with the remote changing channel's. She never accepted doing anything wrong.I am pretty laid back guy it's really freaking hard to make me mad. She tried everything to to piss me off. I ditched her because she was loser. She is 43

  • depends. Do you usually start the argument? As in does he do something and you try to talk to him about it.

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  • Film him and then show him the tape

  • Can you be more specific? Like can you tell me what kinds of things he shrugs off? And please don't say "everything".

    • if we have an argument, its not his fault its always mine, if anything happens, or goes, wrong he never accepts anything whether it be his fault... he makes me feel like everything is my fault, and that makes me feel like crap, he thinks I'm at fault all the time, whether we argue, whether I have an opinion and he doesn't like it etc.