Why is this stupid guy in denial?

right, my partner, love him to bits yeah, but.. he never accepts responsibility, and never see's himself doing anything wrong, he just goes, what have I done wrong? I Haven't done anything etc? he doesn't see what he does and that, he thinks he's something perfect? WHAT THE HELL.


Most Helpful Guy

  • First explain what he did was wrong and why? But honestly if a man is going to be a man in a relationship I don't believe you should do that in every case, there has to be a sense of self accountability somewhere in his being. But honestly some of us don't because some of us haven't been raised in homes where that's taught(not saying that's the case in your situation). What makes a man a man is him coming to the realization that responsibility is priority...Meaning even if its not his fault he sometimes has to take the blame, because every time we blame the girl her worth and beauty diminishes in our eyes.. Take a step back and observe his behavior, does he clean up behind himself, how does he respond to the authority in his life (mom/dad/boss,etc.) and see if responsibility is his priority.