Guys please tell why must you tease so much?

Why do some guys tease to a point where a girl gets annoyed? And then relish in the thought that they've annoyed you into not speaking to them?

I don't mind the banter, if fact I've been known go a little far myself. But with this one guy, I kind of have a little crush on him, he just pushes the envelope on the teasing. And he seems to gloat in the fact that he's annoying. He even thinks that's his charm and it actually isn't. It's is smile and he can actually be very sweet, which I think he wants to hid that.

Why is that with a lot of guys?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't speak for everyone but for myself and am sure a few others who think and are the way I am.

    I will tease a girl only if I find her cute. It comes as a natural thing to see her annoyed and that makes my day as someone like me sees her as liking it. This is unless she is really pissed off - I mean REALLY pissed off or I am made to realize that I've teased her on something that actually hurts her (though I surely didn't mean to do that) which is when that part of the teasing stops.

    I have always teased even my sister, my daughter, the woman I love, my niece all because I adore them. I sure don't find any sadism in doing so as long as I'm not pulling practical jokes on them and putting them in harms way. This is not true for compulsive practical jokers who find amusement in someone's pain (and/or don't realize that).

    Your guy for instance probably does the same cause he finds you cute. This may be one of his ways of expressing his affections to you. He may also be subconsciously nervous and finds this the best way to show you that he thinks you are cute or he cares for you or similar.

    There is a vast difference between this kind of teasing and being a practical joker or being sadistic.