I need a manga/anime, quick!

I read La Corda d'oro a long time ago, and watched the anime (which was obviously not as good as the manga, and I need a new manga to read that's just as romantic. I completely fell in love with that book, and I was so devastated when I got to the end, because it doesn't actually say whether Kahoko gets together with any of them. (I assume she'd choose Len, just because it was sort of headed in that direction...) but even Lili was pissed that they didn't kiss! I need a new favorite Manga that has the same sort of romance in it... but actually lasts past the confession.


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  • I have a Sci-Fi J-Drama for you about a love triangle between a woman, her boss... and her robot. It is one of the few J-Dramas that has ever made me laugh and cry. It is Zettai Kareshi (Absolute/Perfect Boyfriend) and the episodes are like 45 minutes long (I think), so it's best to space it out over a week or so.

    (the special is AFTER the last episode)


    It's on the softer side of SF for things like the happiness sensor, but it's actually somewhat harder SF for machines with components that function similarly to how our brains do (actually theoretical Computer Science states that we ARE biological machines blah blah blah).

    There is a manga version of it as well, but I have never read the manga.

    Anyway, this is a romantic comedy I once cited for a Human Computer Interaction class (an online homework discussion/debate regarding the capabilities of sensors and activity recognition, but I still cited it). Also it is my current all time favorite J-Drama, so please consider it!

    • ^OK, that was something I could easily recommend to any/everyone and is relatively short and sweet.

      If you want something that is REALLY LENGTHY and entirely about all of the different kinds of love inside and out, and are willing to accept a show that was essentially for KIDS:

      Read/Watch Cardcaptor Sakura.

      There I said it. If a computer ever asked me to define what love is I would have it analyze the entire series. It is arguably the best Made-For-KIDS J-series that has ever been conceived.

    • ..about love.

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  • Yo, I got u: Kaichou wa maid sama

  • Read "Molester man .

    I loved it , its not what the name may make it seem :D

    watch "Durarara , its great too

    I will just say this one cause I like a huge number of manga and anime and its too much to write .

  • Watch Bokura ga ita! Omg I loved that anime. It is the most romantic sh*t I've ever seen. Don't listen to anyone else's opinion, please just watch Bokura ga ita you will love it just like I did I promise! :) I pinky promise it!

    • Haha I already have! But thanks! To be fair, it was pretty amazing.

  • Hahaha My Specialty.

    Try both Manga & Anime Peach Girl, School Rumble & Clannad as well as EF Tales of Memories.

  • Toradora anime, Angel Beats anime, Bitter Virgin manga, Elfen Leid.

  • there was a spin off that told you everything it left out. xxxoholic the whole series. tenchi muyo

  • GunXSword, best anime ever! *Swish*

    Oh, ROMANCE... Sorry, I can't help you there :P

  • Desire Climax.

  • Gurren Lagann is a great anime

    • This, it's really good if oyu like explosions-a little underlying love story and robots the size of the universe fighting.

    • plenty of girls and guys love it

  • ... I don't watch to much anime but ... there is one that is like only 3 or 4 episodes, but it is long enough to get a good kick out of .. has a love story and all just kinda sad if you are into it, it's called "5 centimeters a second" not sure if you have already have seen it but here is a little clip of what it's like here is the link

    I hope I have helped in some manner, if not then I apologize

  • try homestuck. it's sort of/kind of a mix between those 2, being comprised of pictures, text, .gifs, and flash interactives. it's best to be read to you by a YouTuber called HomestuckColab

    but trust me, it's very catchy and has a huge fanbase

  • Dragon Ball Z

  • Fuji howa saki Mimi yoshi sushi Kawasaki -.-

  • Sure. I'll try to hook you up as I come up with some titles.


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  • I don't read manga but I watch a lot of anime. It's usually always of the romance/comedy variety so here are some that I like:

    I really like Sword Art Online, I just watched it and it was great.

    I also like Ouran High School Host Club. It's a little ridiculous but it's hilarious.

    Lovely Complex was great. It's awkwardly funny.

    I thought Peach Girl was a little obnoxious but it's romantic and it keeps you guessing.

    Toradora is great, but I might just think so because I'm a lot like the main girl personality wise.

    That's all I can think of at the moment. Best of luck!

    • haha Ouran High School Host Club is awesome. I was addicted for a while...

    • Yeah, it's pretty cool. Oh, and I forgot Special A. It's subbed only but I like it enough to deal with it anyway.

  • If your looking for romantic I would definetely guarantee Mirrai Nikki (only read final manga chapter to get original ending). It's about a death game for the right to become god and one participant is obsessed with another and it's really good and thrilling, also violent.

  • I've read Dengeki Daisy, and love it! Though it's not only romance...

    Kaicho wa Maid-sama is great as well!

    And also, try mangas made by IKEYAMADA Go, the art is great and in my opinion, the stories is good as well.

    - Hope you'll like any of them! :)

  • I agree with one of the previous answers, dengeki daisy is wonderful!

    You might also like Othello or merupuri. both are wonderful <3

  • I don't really watch anime, but I do read some manga...but here are some suggestions!

    - Kimi ni Todoke (high school romance)

    - Special A or Seiyuu-ka! (kinda on the same line as Ouran High School)

    - Magnolia (<---I really like this one!)

  • I actually just found one myself yesterday "Uta No Prince Sama" or UtaPri it's basically the same, hot anime guys but I must warn you that the opening song discouraged a lot of viewers...you'll see why if you check it out. And the female lead has weird eyes...but there's a season two coming out soon. Hope you check it out ^.^