I need a manga/anime, quick!

I read La Corda d'oro a long time ago, and watched the anime (which was obviously not as good as the manga, and I need a new manga to read that's just as romantic. I completely fell in love with that book, and I was so devastated when I got to the end, because it doesn't actually say whether Kahoko gets together with any of them. (I assume she'd choose Len, just because it was sort of headed in that direction...) but even Lili was pissed that they didn't kiss! I need a new favorite Manga that has the same sort of romance in it... but actually lasts past the confession.


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  • I have a Sci-Fi J-Drama for you about a love triangle between a woman, her boss... and her robot. It is one of the few J-Dramas that has ever made me laugh and cry. It is Zettai Kareshi (Absolute/Perfect Boyfriend) and the episodes are like 45 minutes long (I think), so it's best to space it out over a week or so.

    (the special is AFTER the last episode)


    It's on the softer side of SF for things like the happiness sensor, but it's actually somewhat harder SF for machines with components that function similarly to how our brains do (actually theoretical Computer Science states that we ARE biological machines blah blah blah).

    There is a manga version of it as well, but I have never read the manga.

    Anyway, this is a romantic comedy I once cited for a Human Computer Interaction class (an online homework discussion/debate regarding the capabilities of sensors and activity recognition, but I still cited it). Also it is my current all time favorite J-Drama, so please consider it!

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      ^OK, that was something I could easily recommend to any/everyone and is relatively short and sweet.

      If you want something that is REALLY LENGTHY and entirely about all of the different kinds of love inside and out, and are willing to accept a show that was essentially for KIDS:

      Read/Watch Cardcaptor Sakura.

      There I said it. If a computer ever asked me to define what love is I would have it analyze the entire series. It is arguably the best Made-For-KIDS J-series that has ever been conceived.

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      ..about love.