Guys that like big girls?

It seems that lately the guys that like big girls seem to think I have to be easy because of my size. I don't understand. Is that why you go after them because you think they are easy?


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  • Nope. Attraction is attraction. If you are not easy and have morals and standards that don't support being easy then you should stick to that. Many fat girls tend to be easy because they feel that all guys just want good looking (thin) girls and that they have to somehow compensate for being fat by providing the one thing that 99% of guys want from a woman which is sex.

    On dating sites a lot of guys are hoping that whomever they talk to is easy so I wouldn't take that too seriously

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  • -> some guys think that.

    -> all girls on dating sites get more guys who want hookups then relationships.

    -> some guys will hook up with but not date heavier girls.

  • I feel that there are some guys that do, but I have approached some larger females because I was genuinely attracted to her.

    There are plenty of guys that think the same way as me. :)

  • You're misinterpreting perpetrators.

    Guys that like big girls will pursue them because they find them attractive.

    You know who goes after big girls because they think they're easy?

    Guys who like thin girls.

  • No one likes fat girls, if someone goes for them it is a clear act of desperation.

  • Maybe because ull have personalities that are more interesting than, say, "hot" girls?Everything isn't all about looks.

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  • when chubby girls lose the weight, they turn out extra extra beautiful. don't try and find a reason to be comfortable with your weight, because deep down, you know it hurts, remember... whenever you want to eat alot, take a deep deep breath, then forget about it. hunger is actually all in the state of mind

    • Actually its biological and hormonal. And what you described below is a recipe for an eating disorder and diabetes. So I prefer to listen to the advice of my medical doctor on how to do it. And just so you know I AM beautiful the way I am. Told that I am all the time. Plus true beauty is not what's on the inside NOT what's on the outside. That fades, but true real beauty lasts forever. But I don't think you know that.

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    • Idk if she's bashing you. I think both of you are right. You have to love yourself for who you are. But at the same time, we livein an unfair world and sometimes you will be unfairly stereotyped. I don't feel like I'm a shallow guy at all, but I'm just not often attracted to bigger girls. If you feel like you are getting attention form the wrong kinds of guys then you have to make changes to get on the radar of the guys you want. Plus, exercising is always great for anyone.

    • What gets me is people assume I don't exercise or eat right when I do. It's so frustrating.

  • guys don't have any respect for fat girls... most of the time. but they'll be nice to you, because they're not all rude idiots, but really...a guy genuinely prefers a slim or toned figure. you have to ditch all gluten, candy, sweets and start eating only 2 meals every second day, and then one meal every first day, then when you've lost weight, hit the gym and get toned up. don't feel bad okay? lot's of celebrities used to be chubby abd get ignored and avoided.. Also when you gain weight you usually lose the weight and more beautiful then other girls/woman who have always been slim, because you would of taken in a lot of vitamins from the food.. it means by getting toned, you'll get the ideal body me ^_^.

  • I think that some guys assume that if a girl is fat that she doesn't have very good self control and that her self esteem is prob pretty low and will maybe be an easier lay. Sorry that sucks, but if this bothers you then maybe you should go to a doctor and get put on a good diet and exercise plan. :)

  • Can I ask, what is your medical condition that makes loosing weight very difficult?

  • I'm a 30 year old virgin and I'm chubby (size 16) tall and well proportioned... guys will go for anyone that puts out easily... It all depends on the girls up bringing and the girls morals and standards she sets for her self...

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