Guys that like big girls?

It seems that lately the guys that like big girls seem to think I have to be easy because of my size. I don't understand. Is that why you go after them because you think they are easy?


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  • Nope. Attraction is attraction. If you are not easy and have morals and standards that don't support being easy then you should stick to that. Many fat girls tend to be easy because they feel that all guys just want good looking (thin) girls and that they have to somehow compensate for being fat by providing the one thing that 99% of guys want from a woman which is sex.

    On dating sites a lot of guys are hoping that whomever they talk to is easy so I wouldn't take that too seriously

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  • -> some guys think that.

    -> all girls on dating sites get more guys who want hookups then relationships.

    -> some guys will hook up with but not date heavier girls.

  • I feel that there are some guys that do, but I have approached some larger females because I was genuinely attracted to her.

    There are plenty of guys that think the same way as me. :)

  • You're misinterpreting perpetrators.

    Guys that like big girls will pursue them because they find them attractive.

    You know who goes after big girls because they think they're easy?

    Guys who like thin girls.

  • No one likes fat girls, if someone goes for them it is a clear act of desperation.

  • Maybe because ull have personalities that are more interesting than, say, "hot" girls?Everything isn't all about looks.

  • I don't pursue big women but I know some guys that do, both guys that just want to get laid and guys that genuinly want to date one.

    General consensus is that large women are easy. A friend literally told me once: "if you want to get laid, go after a fat girl". One guy I know that wants to date a large woman has a deep fear of rejection, so my guess is that they make him feel wanted.

    Go talk to a beautiful girl and ask her what she thinks about men. Probably she thinks that men are easy. Because she could have anyone of them. Go ask the same thing to an ugly girl and she will say that most guys are hard to get, or are only interested in one thing.

  • Is this a question that you really want to know the answer to? I don't think that it's always the case, attraction is weird and very subjective. But, in my experience especially amongst black men they do target bigger women for number of reasons. To say that you're "easy" is taking it too far imo. But sometimes a guy may have low self esteem or fear rejection. They sometimes think "well, she's a big girl. She has a big butt, and she probably isn't going to turn me down if I show her some attention. Her options aren't that vast anyway." I think it's a messed up way of thinking about it, but I've heard guys saying this stuff. I don't agree with this line of thinking and am not looking to offend, but it is what it is I guess.

  • Guys that like big girls?

    We don't.

    • What is wrong with big girls? We are just as beautiful as the skinny girls.

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    • Do you think I care what your ex fiancee is doing/living? Next time, don't share, unless you are asked..

      If anything, that just shows how bad you are at selecting boyfriends.

      Now, back to the issue at hand:

      No. We don't like fat, obese, girls, or "bbws." The only men that do are ones with mental disorders, or are dysfunctional. Open your eyes to reality: Being a fat is a sign of being unhealthy and lacking self control.

      You need to call 1-800-95-Jenny

    • You sir are blocked and reported for the hate and offensiveness.

  • Cause a lot of big girls will usually at least do oral. And once you get them naked, anal is always on the menu. It is a variety thing. Why not look at guys the same way?

  • Yes, Guys not only think but know big girls are easier. You show a big girl some attention throw her a couple of compliments. They will open up Faster than Wal-mart on black Friday.. I hate to be so blunt about it. That popularity has set a standard for looks and how they should act because rap and hip hop culture has set that standard. All they sing about is they wanna get up in that big ol fat booty. That's what you see in their videos something that only reachable by plastic surgeon.Thats all they want cause as soon as they get that their gone, unless they got you pregnant. that goes for all guys who like big women.

    • Yeah I think that's wrong. I know several bigger women that were virgins until they were close to thirty. And I am FAR from easy and don't present myself that way.

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    • Acually, that isn't true. I'm a 'big' girl and I've had tons of guys 'show me some attention and throw me a couple compliments.' Do you wanna know what happened with those guys? Their messages got deleted.

    • That was online,What about in real life? Cause I'm not talking about online.

  • No but it's not that they think your easy but most girls are obsessed with their weight and it makes them like freaks instead of being happy with the way they are.

  • Some guys do date bigger girls because they are desperate and see overweight women as having lower standards, which is not really true.

    IMO, I take people as a whole and don't dismiss them because of individual aspects. I date girls of all different sizes based on attractiveness and personality.

  • Girl, you are not alone! all my friends go for thick girls because they are more "easy." I don't think all thick girls are easy and some do tend to come off as easy, and putting you in that category is kind of a jerk off move.. Probably your attitude or dressing code. The way you present yourself is also a key factor of why they might think you are easy.

    • Yeah I don't honest. It's just the only guys that message me on dating sites do so under that impression even though I have gone as far as saying I do not do hookups and am only looking for a serious relationship.

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    • I just don't meet people under normal circumstances so it's hard.

    • :P Well you can keep trying to meet people online, maybe you will find that special person! Good luck don't let those perverts bring you down!

  • Big girls seem intimidating to me since I am very skinny guy.

  • Big or little has nothing to do with easy and I never thought that and none of my friends have


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  • when chubby girls lose the weight, they turn out extra extra beautiful. don't try and find a reason to be comfortable with your weight, because deep down, you know it hurts, remember... whenever you want to eat alot, take a deep deep breath, then forget about it. hunger is actually all in the state of mind

    • Actually its biological and hormonal. And what you described below is a recipe for an eating disorder and diabetes. So I prefer to listen to the advice of my medical doctor on how to do it. And just so you know I AM beautiful the way I am. Told that I am all the time. Plus true beauty is not what's on the inside NOT what's on the outside. That fades, but true real beauty lasts forever. But I don't think you know that.

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    • Idk if she's bashing you. I think both of you are right. You have to love yourself for who you are. But at the same time, we livein an unfair world and sometimes you will be unfairly stereotyped. I don't feel like I'm a shallow guy at all, but I'm just not often attracted to bigger girls. If you feel like you are getting attention form the wrong kinds of guys then you have to make changes to get on the radar of the guys you want. Plus, exercising is always great for anyone.

    • What gets me is people assume I don't exercise or eat right when I do. It's so frustrating.

  • guys don't have any respect for fat girls... most of the time. but they'll be nice to you, because they're not all rude idiots, but really...a guy genuinely prefers a slim or toned figure. you have to ditch all gluten, candy, sweets and start eating only 2 meals every second day, and then one meal every first day, then when you've lost weight, hit the gym and get toned up. don't feel bad okay? lot's of celebrities used to be chubby abd get ignored and avoided.. Also when you gain weight you usually lose the weight and more beautiful then other girls/woman who have always been slim, because you would of taken in a lot of vitamins from the food.. it means by getting toned, you'll get the ideal body me ^_^.

  • I think that some guys assume that if a girl is fat that she doesn't have very good self control and that her self esteem is prob pretty low and will maybe be an easier lay. Sorry that sucks, but if this bothers you then maybe you should go to a doctor and get put on a good diet and exercise plan. :)

  • Can I ask, what is your medical condition that makes loosing weight very difficult?

  • I'm a 30 year old virgin and I'm chubby (size 16) tall and well proportioned... guys will go for anyone that puts out easily... It all depends on the girls up bringing and the girls morals and standards she sets for her self...

  • They might just assume you are desperate even though you aren't, so they think you'll open your legs to anyone who shows you attention. I have a friend who has the same problem. She is overweight, and she is a virgin. For some reason though a lot of guys think she is very easy, which sucks for her. She is one of the sweetest girls I know. I'm sure she'd made a guy happy who would actually take the time to get to know her.

  • I'm afraid your probably right.Its awful but true and its why I tortured myself for months getting to a weight guys find attractive and have to work very hard to maintain it

    • Yeah I refuse to do that and give into societal standards. I have a problem that actually makes it hard for me to lose weight and have been proud to have kept off 50 lbs over three years. It's hard and I work on more, but I want a man that likes me not what I look like.

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    • Oh well by the time I was 24 I had been in four serious relationships and had almost gotten married once.

    • Nothing comes easy. Its great that you took charge of the situation and were willing to put in the work. And,unless you are on a steriod, or lexapro, citalapram, or something that causes a lot fo weight gain you can take always get to a healthy size.