Why is it so hard for people to commuincate openly and honestly?

Why do people have a hard time being honest about emotions? If you like someone why is it hard to tell them? Why is it difficult to express true... Show More

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  • >Why do people have a hard time being honest about emotions?

    We're not brought up to be honest about emotions, because with most interactions in life, you have to get along with people in spite of your emotions. There are times when you should be honest, but most of us aren't use to it. Men in particular are taught as small children not to focus on their emotions at all. Many people (men especially) can't even -describe- what they're feeling if they want to.

    >If you like someone why is it hard to tell them?

    Because its an awkward conversation, and scary, and they are worried about the outcome, so they avoid the unpleasant stress, and hope that the truth just magically works out.

    >Why is it difficult to express true emotions? Like if something was offensive? Or if someone made you feel something you are uncomfrtable with why is it better to hide it?

    For the reasons given above.

    >Like when someone feels rejected why do some people fire back insults instead of just dealing with it honestly?

    To cover up their wounded pride and make themselves feel better about it.

    >What is this upperhand people keep talking about?

    I'm not sure, but what I suspect you mean is that in many relationships, whoever cares more tends to give more and compromise more. A lot of things in a relationship hinge on 'one or both people have to compromise, or the relationship will end'. And if one person cares more then the other, they will do most of the compromising. In a lot of cases, both people might be willing to compromise, but if one hides the fact that they are attached and willing to compromise, the other person will do most of the compromising, benefiting the person who hid their feelings.

    >How is this effective in doing any good?

    I guess it can get you what you want inside a relationship. I suspect a better approach is to find someone where less compromise is required and they are simply happy doing whatever it is you want and appreciate whatever it is you do for them.