Guys when you keep your wallet in your back pocket and sit down don't you feel lopsided?

how do guys sit down everyday with one pocket stuffed and another empty? doesn't your butt hurt?

im so happy to be a girl and carry a purse! hahaha *points and laughs*

how do man wallets fit in the front pocket? aren't they squared and large surface area? I think most men keep it in the back pocket


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  • I don't have a Costanza.


    With my cell phone taking over most of the duties that used to be done by my wallet, I've slimmed my wallet down to tiny dimensions. I have my license, 2 credit cards, two of my business cards for handing out (I keep extras in my car and in my computer bag), and a bit of cash. I have a super-thin, super-simple wallet that is basically two business-card-size pockets hinged together, and it's only about 3/16" thick.

    As more and more businesses get NFC readers for checkout, I won't even need to carry the credit cards, and more and more, I'm just sending my "business card" to people via email as a .VCF file. That's why I only keep 2 paper cards with me.

    My Nexus 4 replaces credit cards, loyalty/discount/rewards cards, business cards (I can take a picture of a card and have the data imported into my Contacts), photos, To-Do lists, grocery lists, calendar/schedules, and lots more. All that stuff I no longer have to carry around on paper/plastic, so dealing with a wallet is easy.

    I *do* know guys who still carry Costanza wallets, and yeah, I promise you they are sitting sideways and probably have back problems.

    • lol!

    • Here's what I have: the Maxpedition Micro:



    • I should also mention that I decided a few years ago that any coat or jacket I bought would have inside breast pockets for carrying my wallet and cell phone. Much more secure than in the back pants pocket, but only useful in the winter months in California.

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  • It doesn't. It's like the feeling of a king sitting on tons of hundred dollars.

  • Nope, I don't even notice it. It'd be much more uncomfortable if it was kept in my front pocket.

    • Also, FYI, the way most men's pants are, the wallet actually sits slightly below our asscheeks, not on them, so when we sit, we're not really sitting ON it.

  • Yes, and it wears out pants pockets. Fanny packs are the future.

  • Mine doesn't bother me at all.

  • yeah that's why I don't like wearing jeans... well one of the reasons... its too tight in the front pockets unless you wear baggy as f*** jeans, and in the back pocket you g2 take it out every time you sit down... same with your phone.

    • So you wear baggy jeans?

    • no I take them out and put it on the table or wherever I'm sitting, like in car ill put it on the seat next to me etc... that's one of the reason I hate wearing jeans. So I wear sweats unless I have to, but no I don't wear baggy jeans lol I'm not thug nor am I styleless

  • I always have mine in my front pocket

    • Idk but it fits in my front pocket. I would hate to have to carry a purse ;p lol

  • lol there is a seinfeld episode about this, george sticks napkins in his other pocket to balance him out.

  • I don't keep it in my backpocket not just for this reason, but mostly because it's a lot easier to snatch it from the back than from the front where the pocket is tighter.

  • Yes I hate it


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  • Haha I asked my boyfriend this exact question. His answer was: "You just get used to it because that's where it goes."

    Which, of course, is not a satisfactory answer whatsoever, but there ya go.

    • lmao I wonder which ancient man invented this...that all men do it now