If a hacker leaked your web search history to the public, which entry would you find most embarrassing?

I'd freak out if somebody saw my search history. I'd try to tell them that I was curious as to what that certain word or phrase meant, which is why I consistently searched it before bed every night...

Anonymous answers are welcome.


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  • I think mine would be really nerdy/embarrassing

    My recent worst would be looking up thinspiration videos...I actually watch them for the fashion and music, honest to god! and for some reason it turns me on to look at them and think to myself how thin I'll be soon. (lost hecka weight)

    Also after watching a futurama episode I looked up the mating of elephant seals...and then elephants for the heck of it.

    I also looked up "sex against wall" because I want to try that someday and "accidentally" left it up and my boyfriend saw. heheh

    Also Chemistry pick up likes... don't ask. lol I say them randomly to my bf.

    My GAG account...I ask some pretty embarrassing stuff here.

    All of my food/tea benefits searches could fill an encyclopedia...its like an addiction to google everything I eat.

    I actually don't google p*rn and was pretty surprised at how many have! I've definitely googled sex positions though...

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  • There's not really anything embarrassing, just weird... for example I'm quite fascinated by Satanism, Wicca and that kinda stuff (note, I'm not actually a Satanist or Wiccan) and you'll find some things on it in my history. I don't watch p*rn so it's not a concern. I hardly ever delete my browser history, can't remember the last time I did.

  • Hey there!

    I looked up this weeks history...


    -Facebook (a lot of Facebook history)

    -YouTube (Smosh, asdf movie, Marilyn Manson, Harlem Shake, Florence and the Machine etc etc)


    -and some news and military sites...

    I'm so boring! lol...I think the only thing that's embaressing is the GirlsAskGuys thing...

    Awesome question!

    • Thanks. Your history lacks dirty stuff...

    • lol I know! I'm almost never home anymore so...

  • All of it!

  • None everyone knows I am a pervert.

  • Porn obviously.

    What's even more interesting is what's in my email. I emailed some recent artwork pictures that I painted of me in the bath and in the shower to my sister. She got to see my feet peeking out at the end of the bath and my face reflection in the mirror of the shower.

    • You painted a picture of yourself and in the shower hmm. Are they any good?

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    • G W Bush's email was hacked and he had sent emails to his sister with pictures of his artwork like what I described.

    • That's embarrassing.

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  • Some random searches I've made.

  • I think you know the #1 answer. I don't even have to write it out.

  • There is a reason why private browsing was invented.

  • Haha, I'd probably just kill myself.

  • i think it would be looking up what a bruh ha ha is. that or searching for the mr hands video of the guy getting killed by letting a horse f*** him in the ass

    • death by d***ing, I had to see what the horse was working with

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