Does being talkative matters?

girls, does being talkative affect a guy's attractiveness?

I mean, a guy who always has something to say and can keep a conversation, think Jack Sparrow from The Pirates movies, and a guy who doesn't speak much and only speak when he wants to and have something meaningful to say, think Michael Corleone from The Godfather, would you say both are equally attractive in their own way and talking a lot or not is not a deciding factor in being attractive?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Women love to talk. They will love a guy who loves to talk as much as they do.

    When there's nothing left to talk about, a guy can enjoy the silence, whereas the girl thinks "Well, this has run it's course, time to break up I guess"

    I don't think men can truly understand how important talking is to women.


What Girls Said 1

  • well for me, I'm a really shy person and I don't really ever have a lot to say, so I like for the guy to be more talkative and keep the conversation going. but I think for most girls it doesn't really matter since girls usually like to talk more. they probably would like that a guy is quiet because then he listens more and they get to talk more lol but for the most part I don't really think it makes a difference in deciding whether or not a girl thinks you're attractive.


What Guys Said 3

  • Not that much, being too talkative can even be weird but just try to keep the conversation going. Girls love to talk so it should be easy

  • pretty much