Guys, what does hair color preference mean for you?

For me it simply means that if I see someone with that hair color from the back walking I'll probably turn as I pass her to look at her face. However beyond that its about how a girl's face meshes together not something I look for as a trait in a girlfriend. For example I prefer blondes but the most beautiful girl I've seen is brunette... Just checking if anyone else is in the same boat...


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  • All hair colors fit the girl well, as long as she's attractive.


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  • It merely means I may find a certain hair color more appealing on a man in general, but it doesn't mean I'll date that guy. At the end of the day, if he's smart, sweet, and good looking, it probably doesn't matter what hair color he has.

    And to be honest, for me, it's not a hair color preference. It's the COMBINATION of hair color and eyes: dark hair, and bright blue eyes (good example would be Ian Somerhalder).

    So if the guy I'm interested in happens to HAVE that combination, it's like the icing on the cake. Day-um.

  • I always had a preference for guys with brown or black hair, and green eyes, but the guy I am dating now is blond with brown eyes, and is adorable. It happens a lot that your "Preferences" don't meet reality


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  • I agree with Aercz in this subject. But for me hair color is just something that add a small percentage of attraction to the person in question, in a physical sence. While I don't really compare women to other women, I admit that I'm more drawn to a woman who has red hair, which is pretty much my only stable "preferance" trait on women, though it doesn't affect that much.

    • Yeah Aercz brings up a realllly good point, but my question to you is could you find someone with a different hair color other than red more attractive than any other red heads you've seen b4?

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    • lol really? I'd think you'd choose the better looking of the two and the one you get along with better over the one with red hair...

    • Yeah well I was discounting the personality out of the equation entirely, so if you want me to take it into it, then it'll become a load more complex. But in simple terms, I meant that if there are two girls who are in my opinion "9" on the attractiveness scale, if one of them has red hair and the other one doesn't I'm more likely to choose the one with red hair, when talking purely about physical things. Was that simple enough for you?