Why do guys touch me intentionally but then...

Tell me not to touch them? It's kind of weird. Like these guys always poke me, tap me or touch me thigh, arm, hand


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  • He must be not that open to you.

    • But why does he touch me then?

    • It's a sign that you're close to each other.

      Strangers wouldn't usually touch each other.

    • But they don't let me touch them. They will say something like don't touch me?

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  • lol they do that to me too. instead of sayin I think you're cute. theyre like duuuhh...im gonna touch pretty girl. pretty girl may think I'm cute too... like retards.

  • i usually hit them. but that may not work for you...

  • So they poke/hit/punch you and you go to hit back and they won't let you? Yeah, this always happens to me. I'm pretty sure it means they like you and/or find you attractive. Do they hit ugly/fat girls? Probably not... Like the guy who used to do that to me showed up at my house one day saying he was just in the neighborhood-at 9:00 at night when it's 20 degrees... But, yeah just sass them and say, "Why are you gay? You don't want girls to touch you?".