Why do guys prefer thick girls ?

All the guys I know like thick girls for several reasons...explain...


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  • Only for sexist reasons lol, I'd like my girl to be the full package ass,hips,legs tittys I can't mess with bone thin girls, like all these models with no boobs or ass it's kind of depressing lol


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  • Preference, though I would like the more model-like ones.

  • I like thick (NOT fat) some people mix them up. I like the fact she will have thick thighs, hips and ass. You could hug her without feeling her bones and it just feels more "full" and womanly to me. e.g like the other guys picture is hot

  • Dunno if this generalization is correct. I like athletic built women, but not to muscular.

  • No one likes fat girls, thes guys you are talking about are probably desperate.

  • First of all:

    Thick - link

    Fat - link

    I swear thick women make my mouth water. A pretty face,thighs,ass,boobs,everything looks better on thick women. I don't being able to feel bones so easily when I hug a girl. I don't mean fat or overweight but I like a little resistance. A little. Thick girls have more curves which gives their body more shape.I have big hands so when a girl hugs me and I grab her ass I don't want my fingers from one hand to meet or touch my fingers from the other hand let alone cross.

    Like this - link

    I like all body types though

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  • Well since your group of guy friends may have different opinions than these group of lads, perhaps you should ask your friends instead?

  • You think 140 is fat? How tall are you?