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Why do guys prefer thick girls ?

All the guys I know like thick girls for several reasons...explain...

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  • Only for sexist reasons lol, I'd like my girl to be the full package ass,hips,legs tittys I can't mess with bone thin girls, like all these models with no boobs or ass it's kind of depressing lol

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  • Preference, though I would like the more model-like ones.

  • Dunno if this generalization is correct. I like athletic built women, but not to muscular.

  • I like thick (NOT fat) some people mix them up. I like the fact she will have thick thighs, hips and ass. You could hug her without feeling her bones and it just feels more "full" and womanly to me. e.g like the other guys picture is hot

  • Idk they are just so sexy. I love wide hips, big butt and thick thighs

  • maybe you should stop looking for guys in McDonald's and start going to the gym or something.

  • I don't like overly thick women..

  • No one likes fat girls, thes guys you are talking about are probably desperate.

  • Gotta love those big thighs. But I guess as they say, the heart wants want the heart wants. I can't explain why I like big girls, but I do.

    • Why thighs ?

    • Why do girls like ab muscles? Who knows?

  • It isn't true.

    The fat ones are less likely to be food disorder related mental.

    The soft ones are warmer.

    Boney ones, not so cuddly.

    But they're all mental so try seeing that skinny ones can find love.

  • I don't know that men in general perfer "thick chicks". I don't think that men in general don't prefere "thick chicks". I think it's cultural, there are different standards of beauty in different communities. Maybe its simply a case of the guys in your community prefer a voluptuous woman. Where as maybe guys in Salt Lake City like thinner girls. You'll come to learn that there is not universal standard of anything. It's big mistake to generalize. Different guys are attracted to different things.

  • First of all:

    Thick - link

    Fat - link

    I swear thick women make my mouth water. A pretty face,thighs,ass,boobs,everything looks better on thick women. I don't being able to feel bones so easily when I hug a girl. I don't mean fat or overweight but I like a little resistance. A little. Thick girls have more curves which gives their body more shape.I have big hands so when a girl hugs me and I grab her ass I don't want my fingers from one hand to meet or touch my fingers from the other hand let alone cross.

    Like this - link

    I like all body types though

  • Don't grow up too fast, just enjoy your youth, plenty room for understanding later on in life.

    everyone has certain preferences, not really a wrong answer.

  • i prefer skinnier girls. but not too skinny where it looks like they haven't eaten in weeks

  • Some guys like thicker women because of their curves. Thicker women usually have big boobs.

  • big boobs. round ass. wide hips. nice curves. a little bit soft. generally most feminine looking

  • I love thick girls to.I have no idea why tho. To me its jus sexi.I love how thick their ass an hipps are.an I really love a girl with thick lipps.she jus looks like shed kiss good an do other things good to if you know what I mean.. lol. Not fat girls but thick.ya know? Its just hard to exsplain but its sexi. But I like girls of all diff sizes an shapes and racies. I don't discriminate when it comes to girls an I'm bi so that should say alot.but I do like thick girls a little more. Its the same feeling when a girl sees a really hot guy with sexi tone abbs ya know? That's how most guys feels about thick girls. Its just sexi :)

  • I prefer skinnier women myself.

  • don't like thick girls lol. I like athletes.

    • I love how I got 2 thumbs down and all the answers that say "I love thick girls" get a thumbs up.

      How sad. It seems girls these days would do anything to excuse themselves from exercising and eating healthy. I guess lazy is the new sexy for these dumb ones.

  • Not me I like petite girls with smaller soft features.

  • "Guys" don't prefer any one trait, just like "girls" don't. The reason? "Guys" assume you're talking about every male on the planet. It seems you have a circle of friends that all prefer the same thing, and you believe that this represents all, or most, other guys in the world just because enough people in your life have shown it to be true.

    Truth is, some guys like thick girls. Some like thin, and some have some other preference in body size. Take each person as they come.

    • Okay thanks

  • I like girls with big hips. It so sexy and feminine. I don't like skinny/petite/short girls, they look boyish.

  • What kind of guys are you going for?

  • I don't like thick girls..

  • I personally don't. How thick do they mean?

    • Thick not fat like 140

    • 140 means nothing without a height. and if you are talking about tallish-average height girls, 140 isn't thick. like, at all.

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  • Well since your group of guy friends may have different opinions than these group of lads, perhaps you should ask your friends instead?

  • You think 140 is fat? How tall are you?

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