Home made food vs fastfood?

Does any of you still make home made food? Or do you prefer already made stuff like canned sauce, frozen pies etc etc ?

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  • Everything I eat is home made, no matter the time I have Vote A
  • Everything I eat is fast food, I have no time to cook Vote B
  • Some is home made, some is fastfood Vote C

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  • I eat out maybe twice a week now (starting in the last 3 months) and boy do I see it in the sides :(

    I need to eat healthier and get more active.

    Damn those few pounds!

    The vast majority is home-made food though :) lots of soups and veggie starch combos.

    Oh..but in the last week I got donuts and soda...ugh...and have been eating cookies and sandwiches at night...the next few days are gonna be rough..I'm gonna bloat :P

    Haha ..I feel like this answer was somewhat therapeutic for me

    Thank you for this question :)

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  • I like either one of them better, depending on what I'm in the mood for

  • I only cook when I'm alone at my house by myself. If I have company I don't cook as often. Whenever I have company we like to eat out like at Chinese places.

  • You can't pay me to eat fast food crap. Not ever since I read the article of a guy who found an old jacket in his closet that he had not work in 20 years since he was in college and he found a double cheeseberger in his inside pocket. Opened the wrapper and found no mold on it. He did years or research and experiments to find out why a double cheeseberger from Mc Donalds wond mold, especially after 20 years.


  • I do both

  • It really depends. My line of work has me busy and on the road a lot so I go out to eat about 50 percent of the time.

    I like the prewashed salad bags. Open and ready to go. Those boneless skinless chicken breasts are great too. I can cook well enough. Just never have the time or energy.

  • Only if I'm out and I don't have a choice, I can't stand fast food Its mostly processed reheated junk. Now there's a diffirence between fast food franchises and proper restaurants where they have proper cooks and ingredients.

  • I love cooking so when I have the time ill make homemade food , but if I'm on the go fast food just verys

  • I used to eat out way to much out of laziness and a lack of cooking skills. Now I do a lot of cooking and find it very satisfying. But we all need a big mac once in a blue moon.

  • Ieat fast food some times, for convenience and the odd guilty pleasure, but I mostly cook for myself.

    Why eat sh*t, when with a little effort, you can have food that is equal to what you can expect from most five-star restaraunts - at a cost-per serving that's less than you'd pay for fast food?

    Not to brag, but with a good cookbook or food website, a few bucks and a little time, I can do anything a professional chef can do... Short of fugu, the crazy high-art sh*t and anything that requires specialized, professional grade equipment (like a 25,000 BTU gas stove, brick oven), etc.

  • Most of what I eat is homemade, but at the moment I'm dirty bulking so...

  • I love home cooked meals a lot more than fast food. Unfortinatly the meals I eat are kind of dictated to me so I end up eating things I don't want alot. Fast food usually makes me feel tired and lazy after I eat it :P.

  • Although not always, I do generally go for tinned and frozen foods. However, I try to make the more healthier choices and eat in moderation while maintaining a regular exercise routine to keep in good shape... Although I don't mind the odd beer and take-a-way now and then! ;o) lol

  • I make an effort to make as many things from scratch. Sometimes I will use prepackaged/premade foods, but mix it up with fresh/homemade items.

  • I mostly eat home made food, made from scratch into a meal.lol

    I do eat fast food, but that's only in the weekend when we want to spend some family time away from home, but mostly it's at a Chinese Restaurant

  • Depends on the day and how much time I have.

    Sometimes I'll prepare something already made or just go out to eat other times I'll make something from scratch. But the problem is that most of the time I feel like cooking something it's also junk food. So no dice. :)

  • A balance between home made and fast food for me.

  • Everything I eat is home made thnxs to mom...I follow a strict diet for maintaining my physique

    I eat fast food and processed food during my cheat days...

  • I make my own pies for holidays, and often my own sauces and things, but I do reheat prepared food fairly often.

  • Home made is better and I do that more often than now.

  • it depends sometimes I'll cook or sometimes I'll get fast food

  • very seldom eat fast food. eat a lot of greens. so I go grocery shopping at least twice a week since greens don't keep for long. I home cook 99% of the time

  • I actually cook a decent amount. On V-day, I cooked Tortellini in a vodka sauce for my girlfriend, brought over a baguette, and we made cookies for desert.

  • i like to make stuff to eat at home

  • Queen Michelle Obama hates fast food

    • Can't be fat for Obama Care or you die.

    • LOL this is actually pretty funny...

    • lol

  • I'm actually learning to love making my own food. I like to know the ingredients that are being used and how to put them together. I've also realized that this forces me to eat healthier when I see what actually goes into my food lol.

    I don't really eat fast food anymore.

    • I have also been learning to cook, and eating healthier for that same reason.

  • I do not eat any type of fast food or processed (microwave pizza or microwave any type of dish) I eat only healthy whole foods. Mostly organic.

    If I or my family is having pasta we make our own gravy from tomato sauce with fresh ingredients. Same goes for anything else.

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  • Homemade

  • I rarely eat fast food and now NONE at all due to my New Year's resolution, so far haha:)

    I MOSTLY make everything at home, 80% is from scratch since I don't make bread, pasta, sauces, etc. that often its too much lol. If I am tired and don't have time I would go and buy something to eat. :)

  • Homemade

  • I eat both and I also cook pre made freezer meals

  • Probably home cooked food

  • homemade food

  • Homemade

  • If I eat at home, it is always fresh and homemade.

    If I eat out, it is never fastfood; I sit down at a restaurant. I am not opposed to fastfood when I need something quick, but it is not what I automatically look for.

  • Wow nobody said B lol

    I'm more of a home cooker.

    • That's quite shocking nobody said B.

  • I would like to say that I do both, but since I'm in college it is hard not to eat fast food and food that is already made. But when I do go home I cook a lot.

  • Everything I eat is home made, if you do it all the time and know how its really easy to be fast at it. I've had some subway if that counts as fast food. I really like cooking and prefer it. Right now my favorite dish is pizza made out of eggplants. My boyfriend is usually the one to cut the onions for the sauce though. lol

  • Of course I eat "fast food" type things every once in a while, but cooking real food is so much better and it's not that hard! It surprises me how many people just don't have a clue how to cook.

  • it depends on my moods!:)

  • 80% homemade, 20% fast food.

  • 99% of the time I eat homemade, I don't really like fast food.

  • I like both. Frozen, healthy foods like Tabatchnick soups are awesome too.

  • i don't really like fastfood, but I started working at a fastfood place 5 months ago, and they kinda sucked me in with free food

  • I cook when I'm not too tired from work. When I'm beaten,I eat fastfood.

  • I always cook at home but when I'm at school or if I don't have time to cook I'll grab some fast food really quick. I just try not to make a habit of it.

  • I hardly ever eat fast food, simply because most of it is inedible. Haha!

    I prefer to make things myself, since I'm a picky eater. I'm not that great of a cook though, I'd like to learn :-)