Home made food vs fastfood?

Does any of you still make home made food? Or do you prefer already made stuff like canned sauce, frozen pies etc etc ?

  • Everything I eat is home made, no matter the time I have
    25% (20)27% (13)26% (33)Vote
  • Everything I eat is fast food, I have no time to cook
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Some is home made, some is fastfood
    75% (60)73% (36)74% (96)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I eat out maybe twice a week now (starting in the last 3 months) and boy do I see it in the sides :(

    I need to eat healthier and get more active.

    Damn those few pounds!

    The vast majority is home-made food though :) lots of soups and veggie starch combos.

    Oh..but in the last week I got donuts and soda...ugh...and have been eating cookies and sandwiches at night...the next few days are gonna be rough..I'm gonna bloat :P

    Haha ..I feel like this answer was somewhat therapeutic for me

    Thank you for this question :)

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What Guys Said 26

  • I make my own pies for holidays, and often my own sauces and things, but I do reheat prepared food fairly often.

  • I make an effort to make as many things from scratch. Sometimes I will use prepackaged/premade foods, but mix it up with fresh/homemade items.

  • A balance between home made and fast food for me.

  • Although not always, I do generally go for tinned and frozen foods. However, I try to make the more healthier choices and eat in moderation while maintaining a regular exercise routine to keep in good shape... Although I don't mind the odd beer and take-a-way now and then! ;o) lol

  • Depends on the day and how much time I have.

    Sometimes I'll prepare something already made or just go out to eat other times I'll make something from scratch. But the problem is that most of the time I feel like cooking something it's also junk food. So no dice. :)

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What Girls Said 21

  • If I eat at home, it is always fresh and homemade.

    If I eat out, it is never fastfood; I sit down at a restaurant. I am not opposed to fastfood when I need something quick, but it is not what I automatically look for.

  • I like both. Frozen, healthy foods like Tabatchnick soups are awesome too.

  • Everything I eat is home made, if you do it all the time and know how its really easy to be fast at it. I've had some subway if that counts as fast food. I really like cooking and prefer it. Right now my favorite dish is pizza made out of eggplants. My boyfriend is usually the one to cut the onions for the sauce though. lol

  • I always cook at home but when I'm at school or if I don't have time to cook I'll grab some fast food really quick. I just try not to make a habit of it.

  • I rarely eat fast food and now NONE at all due to my New Year's resolution, so far haha:)

    I MOSTLY make everything at home, 80% is from scratch since I don't make bread, pasta, sauces, etc. that often its too much lol. If I am tired and don't have time I would go and buy something to eat. :)

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