Home made food vs fastfood?

Does any of you still make home made food? Or do you prefer already made stuff like canned sauce, frozen pies etc etc ?

  • Vote A Everything I eat is home made, no matter the time I have
  • Vote B Everything I eat is fast food, I have no time to cook
  • Vote C Some is home made, some is fastfood
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I eat out maybe twice a week now (starting in the last 3 months) and boy do I see it in the sides :(

    I need to eat healthier and get more active.

    Damn those few pounds!

    The vast majority is home-made food though :) lots of soups and veggie starch combos.

    Oh..but in the last week I got donuts and soda...ugh...and have been eating cookies and sandwiches at night...the next few days are gonna be rough..I'm gonna bloat :P

    Haha ..I feel like this answer was somewhat therapeutic for me

    Thank you for this question :)