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Why are guys so sneaky.......?

There is this guy who I'm friends with, we spend a lot of time together and he shows signs that he likes me. Now just the other day I took his phone... Show More

We've now been dating for 16 days :)

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  • Because they can get away with it, the girls are taught to put up with it, and they are taught "boys will be boys" and get excused for their behavior. It's male privilege and "evolutionary psychology" (as a Psych major, that is NOT empirically supported, e.g. "men need to spread their seed").

    However, that being said, this guy doesn't "owe" being faithful to you, as you are not officially together.

    • Yes I get you, but I would've appreciated it if he didn't lie to me, and just told me he liked the girl, or don't pretend as if he likesme. I don't know if you get me or not. Its just the sneakiness that bothers me, not the fact that he likes another girl besides me.

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    • In regards to the update: Wow! Good for you!

    • Lol thanks...its great to be inlove with your best friend:)...most special feeling ever.

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  • But he's not your Boyfriend right? You think that he likes you, but you aren't together. How do you have a right to be angry?

    • Because he lied to me...most people get angry when people lie to them, don't you?

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    • Yeah...girl get butt hurt because a guy she has no feelings for was talking to another girl and didn't tell her about it...lol okay

    • Lol come on, I didn't see him that way then :)

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