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Girls, do you stand near attractive guys to get them to notice you?

Sometimes when I'm out either catching public transportation or at school sometimes I would get glances from women or I would notice them standing... Show More

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  • Oooohhhh, yes, I've experienced it.

    Sadly though, this is one signal that is often difficult to decipher.

    My most noticeable one was when I was sitting in a sofa in my college (in a public area), with my laptop in my lap waiting for it to shut down, when a girl that was walking stopped - which is when I noticed her, seeing as she didn't walk past.

    No eye contact at all, her head wasn't even pointed in my direction - it was straight forward, she wasn't playing with her phone, she wasn't looking for her keys in her pursue. She just stood there - like a statue.

    My computer shut down, I put it into my backpack and got up and walked away. I kept her in the corner of my eye as I was walking, and that's when she finally walked away.

    I even picked up the vibe that she wanted me to talk to her, but sadly most girls don't realize how hard it is to do that to a complete stranger.

    Surprisingly - this isn't talked about at all in flirting body language books

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