Girls, do you stand near attractive guys to get them to notice you?

Sometimes when I'm out either catching public transportation or at school sometimes I would get glances from women or I would notice them standing near me when there is no one else near me. Not directly next to me but just almost 2 to 5 feet away. They would not move and not make eye contact either, they would play with their phones and just look down.

Once at the bus stop there was a girl that was standing around me almost 3 feet away playing with her phone. She didn't move at all. We rode the same bus and when we got off the same stop she said "are you following me?" while I was actually walking in front of her. I said "no".

Another time was at school. I was waiting for the professor to arrive to class (the door was locked), and a girl was standing near me like she was waiting with me but she wasn't in my class. She was looking down playing with her phone too. I was walking back and forth a bit then she just left and entered in a door that was down the hallway. I did notice one small piece of eye contact but that was it.

Any of you girls have done something like that because you were too shy?

Any guys experienced something like that?

Thanks in advance.