Do you think narcissistic people are really just insecure?

I've heard that people who over-inflate themselves could be insecure. What are your thoughts?

And I mean people who are more extreme, everyone can be a little narcissistic at times. lol
And, as in extreme, I mean people who could have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


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  • i do think so but I've known a few in my life, unfortunately people quite close to me and they are f***ing monsters. now when I see that type of behavior I will run.

    i don't care if you are insecure. the fact that you take it out on other people shows what a selfish sh*t you really are. I know that's the whole point of the narcissism but man it is crappy to deal with!

    i dated a narcissistc bastard jerk and you could tell he was insecure but he was so incredibly self centered to the point that he was just mean! and quite frankly a horrible person! of course they put on a nice act at first. but after a while you get to see what's underneath.

    he was incredibly insecure but he expected grandiose treatment. he would lie about himself and things about himself to make himself seem like a better person when the truth wasn't even bad, which made it all that much more pathetic (mainly lying about where he came from, a certain league of education, etc, to make himself sound more upscale. it was pathetic)

    he only was nice to me if it would benefit him. he barely ever gave me real compliments but expected them. he would get so damn insecure and upset over the stupidest things like one time he made me upset then he didn't even care and got annoyed why I didn't give him a kiss the second we were alone. it's like I didn't have feelings, only he did.

    with these people, you can't tell if they just aren't able to understand that other people have feelings (in that case it makes me hate them less because if they truly are mentally abnormal and incapable of understanding it's a disorder, an illness, and what can you do besides stay away?)

    but they act so damn shallow and they are often very intelligent people, so you start to think they do understand and they just don't give a f*** about how other people feel. Their actions seem to illustrate "i do understand that you have feelings I just don't care". It is a sickness but I don't think it's a chemical brain problem, they can't just pop a pill and make it better. They are just quite frankly pretty disgusting, ruthless, and lacking a normal sense of conscience and moral responsibility. And they do not change. Even if they do know they hurt other people, they just truly don't care. That is pretty sick I guess but I don't know what to think since it can't really be cured.

    Narcissists are some of the most destructive and cruel people I have met. Sometimes they can just be calm and placid and just selfish. But most true narcissists put on an act and hurt those who are close to them, while usually not in a physical way, emotional harm and abuse leaves an ugly mark on your self esteem too.

    There are real narcissists. Everyone is a little self absorbed at times but there is a difference between self absorbed and so self absorbed that you think everyone else is a piece of sh*t that you can just stamp on for your own pleasure and gain. It's like a gross deviation from human normalcy. And that is my rant!

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      Thanks for sharing your experience in such detail.

      I'm trying to determine if my friend is narcissistic or...?

      She sure sounds a good bit like you describe at times...

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      Very well could be