Where do you get your beliefs and morals from and what are they?

Where do you get your beliefs and morals from? What are your beliefs and morals?


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  • From parents, friends, teachers, life experiences, failures and from everything that is my life. From where the morals and beliefs came to these people, can be from religions, people and experiences of their own lives. This is basically how everyone gets their morals and how they develop them and pass them on.

    My morals are pretty close to christian morals because they are generally morals of the western culture, but there are most likely exceptions. My beliefs..? I'm an agnostic which basically means I don't deny the possibility of god/gods being real, but find it highly unlikely. I guess in a way I believe in science, but not blindly.

    • Oh! Thanks for the BA :)

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  • My beliefs come from my non conformist hedonistic nature

  • mostly experiences and the way I've been brought up and the surroundings that I've been in.


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  • My morals come directly from God

  • From the wisdom I derive for & by myself.

  • Made them up myself, and what I thought a good person should be.

  • My folks gave me these beliefs. My beliefs is value for value. Treat everyone respectfully.

  • I get them from my experiences in life, as well as natural inclinations. I can't sit here and list out every belief I have, because that would take forever and wouldn't fit here anyway. But I act in my life in ways that are appropriate to the situation, without harming anyone outside of myself. I live unselfishly, but also pretty secluded as well.

    My philosophy is to enjoy life while it's here, but not at the expense of others. I don't think people should waste their time with things that are fruitless (IMO). I think people should not live recklessly, and should put logic into the choices they make. I think people should say what they feel in a tactful way, even if it doesn't sit well with others.

    Anything else, just ask and I'll try to answer.

    • You sound religious. Isn't the belief of other people wasting time subjective? What you consider a waste of time, someone else may consider a good use of time, and vice versa? What does IMO mean?

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    • I'm Buddhist. I practice things such as no fighting (physical, verbal, and mental), no stealing, no lying, no stealing, no greed, etc.

    • So you see? You're Buddhist, and I'm an agnostic atheist. We both have our own way of living, our own beliefs and morals, we both are subjective creatures and see the same world differently.

      That is why I feel subjectivity isn't a bad thing, and separate myself from people who tout that they behave like some ideal human being on paper.